Thursday, September 15, 2011

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UPDATE: As discussed, from the Washington Post, David Nakamura, Obama has beer with Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, sparking debate between critics, reporters.

Listen to the voice of wisdom and reason in a wilderness of partisan rhetoric -- No political insanity, no conservative hypocrisy, no liberal foolishness -- Just straight talk, straight at you, and that’s no bull!!

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Follow-up: 9/11, ten years later, hate just begets hate and the legacy of 9/11 can’t be fully measured even now, but perhaps the most damaging aspect can be found in our national discourse;

Fact-free fantasies of the shrieking hatemongers of right-wing rhetoric and partisan hackery: don't be duped by the Birthers, including our very own Pastor Dred Scott (you may remember the infamous Dred Scott decision of 1857, which asserted that African Americans were "beings of an inferior order" who "had no rights which the white man was bound to respect." That ruling declared that African Americans could never be U.S. citizens and therefore could never be President),

See The Fogbow, "your best resource for debunking the lies of the 'birther' movement and discussing the birther antics" and, there is even a Birther Case Scorecard, 0-80 for the birthers;

Local and regional: more good ol’ boy shenanigans in Podunk-cola, and accusations are a flyin' and nothing like a little oil spill to expose the Republi-con ' less government' myth;

National and international: I'm waiting, where's the balanced budget, don't hold you breath because the Republi-CONs Con the Tea Party, there'll be no $100 billion budget cut, and let's admit the obvious, the Republi-CONs are not serious about deficits, and who's responsible for the debt

To balance the budget, do nothing

Was 'Karl Marx right

Hello globalization, goodbye jobs

It's China, stupid

The Republi-CON stimulus myth

The myth of expansionary austerity

Let's play the Republi-CON game of 'spot the contradiction', can you explain the Republi-CON contradiction as regards the economy, the debt ceiling, or deficits, or national security, or health care costs, or or even jobs

More Republi-CON deficit and debt hypocrisy

More on the Republi-CON war on the middle class

Beware federal pensioners, your day of reckoning is coming

The Great Stagnation' and our broken political system;

What Next in Libya?

Is Palestinian terrorism 'justified'?

Great quote on so-called government wisdom

And the Republi-CON Race is cont., to find America’s Not-Mitt, time will tell if Perry's the Not-Mitt but, "under the traditional rules of American politics, last night was a very bad night for" Perry

Still searching for the ideal Republican candidate: conservative, interested, electable

Did the tea so-called party debate pass the test of 'limited government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility'

Rick Perry, R-Murderer and Believer of Junk Science

The Republi-CON 'social security is a ponzi scheme' myth and The Republi-CON I'd be a millionaire if it wasn't for social security myth

Miller's in good company, Perry, a former West Texas cotton farmer, [who] received at least $83,000 in federal farm subsidies between 1987 and 1998, during the time he was in elected office, according to his tax returns

Does Palin have a point about the corrupt crony capitalism

2 to 1 in the COA, health care lawsuit update

Why the individual mandate, because Ron Paul is a hypocrite


Big brother is watching you,

Fun stuff: If you want . . . adopt a dog, riddle of the day, and recession humor

Twelve things that a motorcycle can teach, and cute little cats in 'It Could Be Worse';


Donate to a good cause: read "the story of a 9-year-old girl who teaches us adults about maturity truly renews our faith in humanity" at The New York Times, Rachel’s Last Fund-Raiser.

I'll discuss anything, but expect a no mercy take down if you are a shrieking hatemonger of right-wing rhetoric and partisan hackery, pandering to fear, anger and hatred, because the truth sure makes it hard out there for the party pimps.

So tune-in, call-in, but only if you can handle the truth and some ass kickin' discussion of politics and current events.

Great Quote On So-Called Government Wisdom

For all you partisan and/or conspiracy groupies out there, "probably the most famous Swedish quotation in the English-speaking world":

"Do you not know, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed?"

More on the Republi-CON War on the Middle Class

UPDATE: "Another 2.6 million people slipped into poverty in the United States last year, the Census Bureau reported Tuesday, and the number of Americans living below the official poverty line, 46.2 million people, was the highest number in the 52 years the bureau has been publishing figures on it.

And in new signs of distress among the middle class, median household incomes fell last year to levels last seen in 1996.

Economists pointed to a telling statistic: It was the first time since the Great Depression that median household income, adjusted for inflation, had not risen over such a long period, said Lawrence Katz, an economics professor at Harvard."

Read The New York Times, Soaring Poverty Casts Spotlight on 'Lost Decade'.

But it has not been a lost decade for one group, seniors. From The New York Times, Poor Are Still Getting Poorer, but Downturn’s Punch Varies, Census Data Show:

"When so much income goes to the top, the middle class doesn’t have enough purchasing power to keep the economy going without sinking ever more deeply into debt — which, as we’ve seen, ends badly. An economy so dependent on the spending of a few is also prone to great booms and busts. The rich splurge and speculate when their savings are doing well. But when the values of their assets tumble, they pull back. That can lead to wild gyrations. Sound familiar?" Read The New York Times, The Limping Middle Class, which includes this graph:

As the Republi-CONs continue their war on the middle class, the American dream withers.

More Republi-CON Deficit and Debt Hypocrisy

UPDATE: Republi-cons voted to raise the debt limit before they voted against it. Read the Washington Post, Republicans’ underhanded serve.

Another instance of demanding pay-as-you-go spending from 'the other guy,' after being "against pay-as-you-go, for both disaster relief and mega-expensive wars, as long as a Republican was in the White House." Read The New York Times, Cantor, Irene, and Interest Rates.

Hello Globalization, Goodbye Jobs

"From 1951 through 2007, there were never more than three unemployed workers for each job opening, and it was rare for that figure even to hit two-to-one. In contrast, there have been more than three jobseekers per opening in every single month since September 2008. The ratio peaked somewhere between five-to-one and seven-to-one in mid-2009. It has since declined but we have far to go before we return to “normal” levels.

The bleak outlook for jobseekers has three immediate sources. The sharp deterioration beginning in early 2007 is the most dramatic feature of the above chart (the rise in job scarcity after point C in the chart, the steepness of which depends on the data source used). But two less obvious factors predated the recession. The first is the steepness of the rise in job scarcity during the previous recession in 2001 (from point A to point B), which rivaled that during the deep downturn of the early 1980s. The second is the failure between 2003 and 2007 of jobs per jobseeker to recover from the 2001 recession (the failure of point C to fall back to point A)."

Read Brookings, A Decade of Slack Labor Markets, which includes these graphs:

And why the anemic job market? It's China, stupid.

The Republi-con's economic no recovery plan, as they lobby for more tax cuts: destroy jobs and pay workers less.

As I said in February 2009, tax cuts are not the answer, this downturn won't be over 'til the fat lady gets a job.

The Republi-CON 'Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme' Myth

UPDATE II: "NO PONZI scheme in the history of the world has ever lasted 75 years. Ponzi schemes depend on garnering an ever-increasing pool of new investors to pay out returns to prior investors. When the potential pool of new investors runs dry, they collapse. This will occur when the scheme runs up against the natural limits of its recruitment strategy; in the ultimate case, it can't keep going past the point where the entire population is already subscribed.

This should provide us with a hint as to why . . . Social Security is not a Ponzi scheme. The entire population of working Americans has already been subscribed to Social Security for decades, yet the system continues to pay out benefits on time. That is because the actuarial calculations underlying its revenues and benefits are sound.

Read The Economist, Social Security, A monstrous truth.

UPDATE: "All this talk about it being a 'monstrous lie' or 'a Ponzi scheme' or 'broken' is meant to create a crisis to clear the way for radical changes in Social Security. But if folks want to make radical changes to Social Security, they should just make the argument for their proposed fixes. And good luck to them. But in reality, what’s going to happen is that sometime in the next decade or so, Republicans and Democrats are going to compromise on a package that adjusts Social Security by about 0.7 percent of GDP over the next 75 years." Read the Washington Post, The boring truth about Social Security.

From the Mother Jones, A Venn Diagram for Rick Perry: Social Security Is Not a Ponzi Scheme: