Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Republi-CON 'Hillary Will/Will Not Be Indicted' Myths

"If you’ve spent any time inside the conservative information bubble, among the things you know is that not only did Hillary Clinton commit all manner of nefarious crimes with relation to the emails she sent and received as Secretary of State, but she will be indicted for those crimes soon, and that indictment will throw the 2016 to the Republican presidential nominee. If you inhabit the world outside that bubble, you may know that the chances of such an indictment are infinitesimal.

But conservatives hold on to the possible indictment like a life raft amid swelling seas, the one thing that can save them from the horror of a Clinton presidency. . .

Just to be clear, I’m not defending Clinton’s decision to set up her own email server. That was a violation of departmental policy, and she shouldn’t have done it. But that’s very different from saying it was a crime, or even that it jeopardized national security in some way (there’s been no evidence that Clinton’s server was hacked or that anyone even tried to hack it, unlike the State Department’s own systems, which are constantly targeted by hackers).

But if you’re a Republican pundit, you know that the idea of Hillary Clinton being led away in handcuffs is just too tantalizing for your audience to resist. . .

For the most part, the Clinton email story has been a disappointment to Republicans. They were desperately hoping that the emails would reveal some kind of ghastly malfeasance on Clinton’s part, some smoking gun that would make all Americans realize that she should never be elected president. When that turned out not to be the case, they pinned their hopes on the idea that she would just have to be charged with a crime eventually. . .

But having gone this far, they need to keep up appearances, and they also know that just talking about her emails serves to convince people that something scandalous must have happened. So they are laying the groundwork to argue, if and when she doesn’t get indicted, that it must only be because Barack Obama’s corrupt administration quashed the investigation and hid the truth from the public.

And down where the conservative rank and file get their information — the talk radio rants, the right-wing blogs, the breathless chain emails — these two contradictory ideas are both widely circulated. Clinton is about to be indicted, and Clinton won’t be indicted because the fix is in. The assumption in either case is that of course she committed crimes, even if no one can say exactly what they were. Because she’s Hillary Clinton, right? What more do you need to know?"

Read the Washington Post, Republicans know Hillary Clinton is not going to be indicted. They just can’t say so.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Revolution 2016: I am a True Trump Believer and Supporter Now

Newest UPDATE: #14 (04/07/16)
(NOTE, in case you don't read to the end, I am no longer a Trump supporter.)

Also UPDATE 10 was amended (02/17/16).

IMPORTANT information on how to help The Donald: see UPDATE 11 below (Because of the importance of this notice, it is now a separate post, which I have updated)

WARNING, WARNING: read this disclaimer first:

DISCLAIMER:  By reading this you agree that this blog and all posts are governed by the laws of the State of Florida first, and the United State of America, where not in conflict with Florida. 

Venue for any lawsuit shall be Escambia County, LA (OK, legally it's FL, but practically it's Lower Alabama, believe me, I know). (In any case, file here.)

This blog is an expression of my First Amendment rights, et al., under the constitution and laws of the United State of America and the State of Florida. 

It's mostly opinions, but if I am factually wrong, please send me a certified letter.  If I agree, I will make any necessary factual correction(s). 

However, if you are just try to bully me because you don't like my opinion(s), sue me.  But good luck with that, I know a good lawyer (they claim he's crazy, ask around).

And don't waste your time -- I don't care if you agree with me -- so no bellyaching letters or comments. (That includes you, Pastor You-Know-Who.)

Otherwise, enjoy.

And if you find that you like what I have to say, check back frequently.  I think you'll find it worth your time.

I heard Glenn Beck on the radio this morning (02/27/16).  It must have been God's wish, really, because I never listen to 'Bonkers'.

But seriously, and I mean seriously, I am now a Trump supporter.

Just wanted to get this posted, but check back later as I explain why I will support and vote for Trump, and why you should too.

UPDATE:  Welcome to those of you who found this website through my new domain name Revolution16.US.

It wasn't my first choice, those were not available, but it will work -- by forwarding (no masking) to this blog post.

For those of you who are new to NoBullU.com, look around, it's pretty comprehensive and gives you an idea of who I am and what I believe.  You can navigate chronological and by label (subject).

Most posts are summaries of other material, and all posts are intended as opinion.

Of course, some posts and comments are intended to be jokes and/or satire.   (The links are to further information if you wish to pursue.)

Also, you might notice the formatting of this post is a bit different, chronologically the newest material is at the bottom.  Also, only my . . . [seems I got interrupted and nnow I can't remember what it was]

Check back later as I explain why I will support and vote for Trump, and why you should too.

UPDATE 2 (02/28/16):  Be patient, I haven't forgotten this post, more to follow as God, time and the wife allow.

If I remember, I'll indent every-other update, so it is easier to follow.

And forgive the grammar and spelling issues [see, I meant errors, it might have been spell check, curse you spell check, except when you are right], I talk better than I write.

I'll also list the next pending update. . .

Until I disappear.

Check to see if I'm at Gitmo.  (Check here, not there. If I'm there, leave me be, I might be working, you never know.)

Call Stephen, and ask for his help. But not old Stephen, he was one of them, distracting us with his truthiness. (Curse you too old Stephen.)

If I am dead, take up my cause. (NO GUNS please, more later.)

And check back later and frequently, share links to this post, boost my page count, and make me famous and rich.

Please help, and join me for Revolution16.US.

Donations welcome for my legal defense fund, or my widow(er) [as the case may be]. (Later maybe.)


Veritas liberabit vos!!!

Enough now, time for supper.

Homework assignment:  listen to talk radio -- everything you need to know.

UPDATE 3:  Page count up, a bit.  Keep spreading the word, several big announcement coming -- when the time is right -- to explain Revolution16.US.

Regarding the GUNS, see the Washington Post, Authorities seal off Oregon refuge after leaders of occupation arrested. 1 killed in gunfire.

Don't give them an excuse -- keep your powder dry.

Yes, revolutions sometimes turn violent, but not for Revolution16.US.

NOT YET in any case.

So NO GUNS please, even more later.

UPDATE 4 (02/29/16):  So what started this post, I heard Glenn Beck on the radio this morning (02/27/16).

Bonkers, my term for Beck because he acts bonkers sometime times (or arguably most of the time), opined that Trump had made a big mistake taking on Roger Ailes, who, as owner of Chairman and CEO of Fox News and the Fox Television Stations Group, is the King of hysterical conservative media.

Bonkers clearly just didn't get it, Trump is not crazy, he is brilliant at manipulating and de-fanging his opponents, even those as powerful and Ailes.

And the added benefit of taking on Ailes was an excuse not to attend the Fox News hosted debates just before the Iowa caucuses, where Trump would have been the target of every other candidate and their surrogates in the press.

It was Trump-Brilliant (© NoBullU.com)!!!!

Today I heard on the radio that Clinton now says that if Trump is the GOP nominee, he will win the election. (I'm looking for a printed confirmation of said statement.)

So even Clinton now understands how Trump-Brilliant (© NoBullU.com) The Donald is.

Trump will win, if we help.

And I'm not saying this because Trump pays me to say it.

(Message to Trump: hire me, I can help in the transition. I understand and will worship you for Revolution16.US. And so will our children and grandchildren, I HOPE. (Note: revolution are great, except when they turn violent.)).

More later.

Still to come, why Trump. (Brief hint:  because no one else can take on the entrenched corrupt interest in our political system. Even the Rogue Diva knows this, ergo the endorsement.)

Remember, (forgive me if I repeat this frequently) he will need our help for Revolution16.US.

UPDATE 5:  If Trump is the nominee, only Clinton might beat him, and it's not lookin good for Hilary.

And in support of what I said in the last update regarding The Donald's Trump-Brilliant (© NoBullU.com) move, read the Washington Post, In Trump vacuum, Cruz emerges as top target at Iowa Republican debate.

Told ya so. [I like to gloat sometimes.]

The Donald is a master tactician.

Maybe we should read The Art of the Deal. [Sorry, it's Trump: The Art of the Deal. You could probably just read the Wikipedia summary. And if he is elected POTUS, get ready for the Trump Schools, the Trump Roads, etc., etc., etc. ]

Nobody is as great as Trump, just ask him. [And it may be true, the elections results will tell.]

UPDATE VI (02/01/16): Want to understand the Trump spectacle, listen to last weekend's This America Life, 578: I Thought I Knew You, starting at the 7:54 mark.

The segment is an interview with conservative radio host Tony Beam in South Carolina, host of the radio show Christian Worldview.  Tony “is completely baffled by the candidate his audience has decided to get behind this election season.”

The listeners are evangelical Christians, like Jean and Barry.

Jean supports Trump, likening him to Jehu, sent by God to punish the wicked (in 1st and 2nd Kings it was Jezebel, who "had allowed pagan temples to exist in the kingdom." 

Trump, like Jehu, is "a warrior against a corrupt culture."

Tony is "stunned" that after 10-20 years of hysterical talk radio, his listeners are "crazy".  He thinks that supporting a candidate like Trump is "not who we [evangelical Republicans] are."

Obviously Tony doesn't listen to much talk radio, where radio talk show host, with the help of party 'leaders', have whipped Republicans into a frenzy for years.

And now Tony, and the party, have lost control of Jean and Barry, who have 'gone in a different direction', responding to the dog whistle of fear, anger, and hatred.

Take a listen to what talk radio has wrought:

Near the end, did you hear the talk of guns, and potential violence. More later.

UPDATE 6 (02/02/16): Conspiratorial delusions, and talk of violence and the apocalypse are nothing new in evangelical circles and on talk radio.

Take Jade Helm 2015, complete with the option of a comet or asteroid impact. Or the Blue Moon 'prophesy'.

And it never matters that the prophesies never happen.  The End of the World Is Near, always and again, and again and . . .

It scares, and it sells. Who cares the harm done to society.

UPDATE 7 (02/06/16):  Pardon the break, I was trying to tell people how to get a FREE MATTRESS.  Back to the campaign.

Why Trump?  He's the only candidate who can bring true reform to D.C.

Hilary won't, she part of the political establishment.  (Sanders won't be nominated, he'd be destroyed in November by any Republican nominee. If Hillary falters, the Dems will nominate somebody else, like Biden, or even Romney, before they nominate Sanders.)

And as first noted in mid-January (and modified on an update), the likely Republican nominees are:  The Lying Canadian (© NoBullU.com), Bubble Boy (h/t to Christie), or Franken-Trump/Trumpenstein (© NoBullU.com).

Neither The Lying Canadian (© NoBullU.com) or Bubble Boy (h/t to Christie) alone could beat Hillary.

(I'm thinking they might join forces to knock off Franken-Trump/Trumpenstein (© NoBullU.com), but only after it become clear who the favorite is among the two.  (The favorite will claim the presidency, the other the VP slot or an important cabinet post.) If I had to predict, I say Rubio-Cruz near the end, very much like Bush-Cheney, one seemingly nice and sweet, the other the enforcer and real power in the White House.)

Only Franken-Trump/Trumpenstein can beat Hillary and bring reform to D.C.

And don't despair, The Lying Canadian (© NoBullU.com) only won Iowa because the state's demographics substantially favored him from the beginning, and then only by lying (which he does frequently to win elections) about Carson.

Remember Iowa is not that important in the final result -- the Iowa caucus winner is usually not the nominee, especially for the Republican party.

And Franken-Trump/Trumpenstein (© NoBullU.com) is a thrice-married, casino owning, foul-mouth, husband of an alleged former porn star. (Whether Melania Knauss-Trump was a porn star is very hard to confirm, I heard that Trump and friends work hard to remove material from the web, including by buying copyrights to the movies.) So a respectable second with no ground game real remarkable.


Trump is the best hope for D.C. reform.

UPDATE 8 (02/07/16): Another possible alliance might be the 2016 GOP candidates who were Republican governors + Rubio: that is Bush, Christie, and/or Kasich + Rubio, with Gilmore, Huckabee, Jindal, Pataki, Perry and/or Walker in some cabinet positions.

Such an alliance would be formidable, and put the Republican establishment candidates back on top, effectively defeating Trump and paying back Cruz, who is hated by almost everyone.

Such an alliance might also defeat Hillary.

UPDATE 9 (02/08/16): After the most recent GOP debate, Bubble Boy's bubble has popped, which is what happens when you heat a bubble, or poke it with a sharp object, in this case Christie.

Read the Washington Post, The governors exact their revenge on Marco Rubio.

And you must read this take down of The Lying Canadian (© NoBullU.com) at the Washington Post, Ted Cruz needs an intervention, which notes how despised Cruz is:

"If Cruz does not make it to the presidency, he will no doubt blame the “establishment.” But whether he recognizes it or not, his wife and political advisers surely understand that alumni, roommates, law clerks, former staffers in the George W. Bush campaign and White House (and the president himself), members of Congress and others who have known Cruz — lots and lots of people — consider him socially awkward, nasty, dishonest, a blatant apple-polisher and all-around creepy guy. You can write off a few of these critics as jealous of his success, or liberal antagonists, but all of them? There is something badly amiss here. Cruz, who so obviously lacks emotional intelligence, cannot recognize it, but those closest to him surely must see that something is awry. . .

Politics is about building alliances and trust, having your team’s back and refusing to grandstand to your side’s detriment. It’s also an additive exercise. Drawing bold lines is fine, but you lose unless you can bring people over to your side. Simply inveighing against others will not do it, nor will playing the persecuted victim. . .

[I]f all you have is ambition, the burning desire to climb over others, it becomes evident to voters and colleagues alike. You know the type — the guy always looking over your shoulder to scan for a more important person in the room to engage; the fellow convinced whatever job he has is not big enough for him; and the person so intellectually dishonest, he is willing to rewrite history, deny his own statements and look you in the eye to say “Black is white” and “Up is down.” (Even when apologizing to Dr. Ben Carson for his team spreading a rumor on caucus night that Carson was dropping out, Cruz felt compelled to lie, claiming CNN initially reported Carson was dropping out. CNN blasted back: “What Senator Cruz said tonight in the debate is categorically false. CNN never corrected its reporting because CNN never had anything to correct. The Cruz campaign’s actions the night of the Iowa caucuses had nothing to do with CNN’s reporting. The fact that Senator Cruz continues to knowingly mislead the voters about this is astonishing.”) These behaviors do not sit well with people, who soon catch on that you are using them for selfish ends. Superiors see you are an annoying kiss-up, and other see you as desperate or phony.

Cruz’s shortcomings make it hard to build a winning coalition — or to function in the Senate. The great irony is his ambition may be the biggest barrier to obtain what he thirsts for and has schemed so long to obtain."

If Franken-Trump/Trumpenstein (© NoBullU.com) wins big tonight, it is hard to see how he'll be stopped.

(It seems at this moment, as noted earlier, that only an alliance of the 2016 GOP candidates who were Republican governors + Rubio (maybe they will include Bubble Boy (h/t to Christie)) -- that is Bush, Christie, and/or Kasich + Rubio, with Gilmore, Huckabee, Jindal, Pataki, Perry and/or Walker in some cabinet positions -- might stop Franken-Trump/Trumpenstein (© NoBullU.com).

UPDATE 10:  (This update is now a separate, expanded post, focusing on the problem of corrupt crony capitalism and the need for fundamental and systemic change to D.C. (and elsewhere)).

New Hampshire proves it is Revolution16.US.

The anti-establishment candidates, Franken-Trump/Trumpenstein (© NoBullU.com) and that Socialist Guy, trounced the status quo.  It was especially "hard to imagine the New Hampshire primary going any worse for establishment Republicans."

Even if Hillary bounces back and wins the nomination, the voters who want real fundamental and systemic change won't vote for her. This also explains why the 2016 GOP candidates who were Republican governors can't win.

So who can bring fundamental and systemic change to D.C.  The only candidate who might is Franken-Trump/Trumpenstein (© NoBullU.com), he understand why Americans have had it.

On MSNBC's Morning Joe today The Donald "explained his — and Bernie Sanders’s — big wins in New Hampshire this way:
'We’re being ripped off by everybody. And I guess that’s the thing that Bernie Sanders and myself have in common. We know about the trade. But unfortunately he can’t do anything to fix it, whereas I will. I have the best people in the world. We’re losing hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars a year. And we will fix it. And we’ll make it good. And we’ll bring our jobs back. Bernie Sanders can’t even think in terms of that. The only thing he does know, and he’s right about, is that we’re being ripped off; he says that constantly; and I guess he and I are the only two that really say that.'" (That Socialist Guy gets it too, read his victory speech.)

You have to recognize and acknowledge a problem before change can occur.

UPDATE 11 (Because of the importance of this notice, it is now a separate post, which I have updated):

So what can you do to help bring fundamental and systemic change to D.C.

HELP The Donald win the nomination.

Everyone should check your status as a voter with your local election's office. You can also find contact information for your local election office here.

If you are already a properly registered voter and have chosen to affiliate with the Republican party, VOTE for The Donald.

If you are already a properly registered voter and live in a state with an open presidential primary, VOTE for The Donald.  Check with your local election's office, but according to Wikipedia, those states are:

Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts (open for ‘unenrolled’/unaffiliated voters only), Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin

All others, register to vote as a member of, and/or change your party affiliation to, the Republican party, before the voter rolls close for the 2016 Presidential primary election.

In Florida, "Tuesday, February 16, 2016 is the last day to register to vote or change party affiliation for those who wish to cast a ballot in the March 15, 2016 Presidential Preference Primary Election."

Then VOTE for The Donald

Don't wait, JUST DO IT!

Check your status as a voter with your local election's office and VOTE!! (And again, you can also find contact information for your local election office here.)


UPDATE 12 (02/12/16):  Want to better understand what millions of American workers have learned through personal experience, that the rigged economy is cheating the American middle class out of good paying American job, then watch 1,400 US workers learn their jobs are moving to Mexico.

This is just one example how of 'Republican party policies have failed Donald Trump’s voters'.

UPDATE 13:  Can The Donald reform D.C.?

The Donald has shown he is an alpha male.  He "appeals fairly broadly in South Carolina — many opponents of Trump I talked with in the state report having some relative who loves him. But there are lots of angry, rural white males at his rallies. They have reason to feel disadvantaged in our economy and overlooked in our politics. This is mixed here (as elsewhere) with baser motives. On racial matters, according to one senior South Carolina Republican, Trump is using 'not a dog whistle but a train whistle.' His Muslim immigration ban was announced in Charleston Harbor, aboard the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier. His questioning of Ted Cruz’s faith because 'not too many evangelicals come out of Cuba' was taken as an argument that Cruz is foreign, not one of us. And the Trump campaign’s willingness to associate with Jake Knotts — the former state senator who famously called Gov. Nikki Haley (R) a racial epithet — has been taken as a signal."

So, you might worry about that last part -- whether The Donald is a racist -- but I don't think he is.

He is a brilliant strategist and, whether he knows if or not, he practices the principles of Sun Tzu. (The Donald's book, The Art of the Deal (again that mistake, it's Trump: The Art of the Deal) is a modern but simplistic restatement of Sun Tzu's The Art of War.)

I don't know if The Donald has wrestled or practiced judo, but he is brilliant at using an opponents strengths and weakness to win.

And The Donald has brilliantly been using Republicans' fears, anger & hatred to win their votes.

Birtherism is just one example, The Donald is too smart to actually believe Birther delusions, The Donald is just playing along. Yet crowds are whipped into such a frenzy, they never realize what The Donald is doing.

A recent example, The Donald "threatened to sue Ted Cruz for 'not being a natural born citizen' if the Texas senator 'doesn't clean up his act'."  This is brilliant, he leverages Birther delusions to control Cruz and siphon off the votes of a few true-believer Birthers

I sometimes call The Donald Franken-Trump/Trumpenstein (© NoBullU.com) because the Republi-CONs have lost control by creating an environment, especially through hysterical talk radio, that allows The Donald to thrive.  It's too late to talk reason to Republi-CONs, so The Donald uses their fantasies and delusions to control them. 

Absolutely Trump-Brilliant (© NoBullU.com)!!!!

So, if The Donald can't reform D.C., who could.

The only concern I have is how long The Donald can keep up the con.

 Ergo, The Donald might need help to close the deal, aka win the nomination.

So Vote for The Donald.

UPDATE 14:  Lord knows we need reform in this country.  This blog explains why.

And I had great hope that The Donald could be a reformer.

But now I believe that The Donald is a narcissistic, egomaniacal,  religiously bigoted, misogynistic, racist, xenophobe. (Did I miss anything?)

He is our Hitler, and all good Americans have a duty to fight him and defeat him.

God will accept nothing less.

Join DontVoteHate.org.

NO MORE UPDATES:  I never got to explain: What could go wrong?  Are there dark clouds on the horizon?  More later.