Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Palin Told Ya So

UPDATE II: Just in time for Halloween -- Palin says "we can see 2012 from our house."

Run, Rogue Diva, Run!

UPDATE: Good article about our next next Republi-con presidential nominee. Read the Washington Post, Five myths about Sarah Palin.

BTW, I initally said she couldn't win. But the Naive-crats are so inept, I'm reconsidering to probability.

In July 2009, I said that Palin quit the governor's office to "build her network for 2012 by campaigning and fund raising for other candidates. . . and to cash in with a book and some speeches, maybe a little paid commentary on not-the-FoxNews.

And that's what she's doing. Read the Politico, Miller-Palin camps feud over e-mail, which notes that recently revealed emails that show squabbling between the Miller and Palin camps "serve as the biggest hint to date that Sarah Palin has presidential ambitions."

Will It Be A Stampede?

From the Washington Post: