Monday, February 23, 2009

Time to End the Bailout Bull

Time to admit that Wall Street had just become a Ponzi scheme.

Time to kill the zombie banks and other financial institutions.

There isn't enough money in the whole world to save Goldman Sacks, the former firm of former Treasury Secretary Paulson, the focus of an initial bailout proposal that never made sense, beneficiary of over a hundred billion bailout dollars, and then a hundred billion more.

Obama should just say no to more money for AIG and nationalize insolvent banks.

Is Crist a Traitor?

Florida's Gov. Charlie Crist was on McCain's short list for vice president before Palin was picked to be his running mate. Crist is also said to be considering a run for the Senate seat held by Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fla.), and perhaps the White House some day.

Crist isn't make any fans with the rabid Republi-con bunch though.

Week before last he had kind words to say about Obama and the stimulus bill. To Crist, it is not "about partisan politics. It's about rising above that, helping the American people and reigniting our economy."

Now Crist want Obama "to succeed, I want him to do well because I love my country."

Guess he didn't get a copy of Rush's song, 'Barack the Magic Negro,' or the word that the Republi-con position is to "hope Obama fails."

Is Crist a traitor to the Republi-con Taliban-inspired insurgency against America?

Thankfully, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is keeping a list of other traitors to the Republi-con jihad cause.