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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

UPDATE XI: How much would you bid for your very own portrait of Crist? Read the Pensacola News Journal, O'Brien's O'pinions, Crist portrait on sale as GOP cuts losses.

Is the Republi-con party of Florida a poor loser?

UPDATE X: Is Crist a bumbler -- or a victim of a purity purge underway in the Republi-con party? Read the Washington Post, Cast-off Crist goes it alone. And can he win with no party affiliation? Read the Washington Post, Crist just might resurrect his Senate campaign.

BTW, there is a new face in the Florida race, a billionaire real estate developer. Read the Washington Post, Jeff Greene enters the Florida Senate race.

Let's not forget the McCain Mutiny. Earlier this week:

"Jon Stewart called Arizona the “the meth lab of democracy.” A few days ago, the governor signed the instantly infamous “show me your papers” law, allowing authorities to stop and question anyone who looks Hispanic. Another new measure lets people carry concealed weapons without a permit, following on the heels of the new-found freedom to pack heat in bars and restaurants, something that was outlawed in much of the Old West. And the state house has just approved a bill that would require candidates for high office to show a birth certificate.

The birther bill is a sop to the flat-earthers who believe — without a shred of evidence, even after all the hard work of hard-right opposition-research — that our president was not born in the U.S.A.

“It suggests that Arizona is a place where any crackpot whim can be enshrined into law.” That was the verdict from the sensibly conservative Arizona Republic, the state’s leading newspaper, which had also urged the Republican governor, Jan Brewer, to veto the immigration bill that could foster a police state. She signed it, of course.

Stewart, the Mark Twain of our day with a New Jersey quirk or two, got it right with his meth lab jab. But Arizona is more than a laboratory for intemperate times: this place is a warning of what a state can look like when it’s run by talk-radio demagogues and their television cohorts.

The crackpot laws owe their genesis to the crackpots who dominate Republican politics, who in turn cannot get elected without the backing of crackpot media.

And Florida and Arizona are not the only interesting races. Read the Washington Post, Utah Conservatives sing chorus of 'Bye bye Bennett' with glee.

Thanks to the Republi-con, we live in interesting times.

UPDATE IX: Most expect Crist to announce he will run as an independent (actually No Party Affiliation in Florida). If so "Florida will once again become a gawk-worthy stage of American politics, where the country’s desires, conflicts and direction will dramatically play out." Read The New York Times, Breaking Down a 3-Way Race in Florida.

And there are questions whether he can make a go of it. Read the Washington Post, The questions Charlie Crist must answer -- and fast.

UPDATE VIII: Will he or won't he? We will know tomorrow. Read USA Today, Republican or independent? Crist to announce Thursday.

UPDATE VII: Is it time to hug a moderate? Read the Washington Post, Charlie Crist needs a hug.

And in that other Republi-con slug fest, some say McCain is sacrificing his principles in his primary election battle with a "radio host endorsed by border vigilantes." Read The New York Times, Come Back, John McCain.

UPDATE VI: What should Crist do, remain in the GOP primary, drop out, or go independent? Read USA Today, Florida voters split on Crist's next move.

And to understand how the decision might affect the 2010 Florida Senate race, see Pollster.com, Florida Senate: Playing 'What If.'

UPDATE V: It appears Crist will run as an independent. Rick's Blog reports that Crist has dropped any mention of the Republican Party from his campaign website.

UPDATE IV: Not lookin good for Crist and the Republi-con Party. Read the Washington Post, Who's distancing himself from Gov. Charlie Crist today? and Everybody hates Crist in the GOP.

UPDATE III: Read CBS News, Charlie Crist Pulls TV Ads, Increasing Speculation About Campaign's Future and Rick's Blog, Scarborough thinks Crist can win as I.

UPDATE II: Now it is Friday, April 30, 2010 after a veto spurred speculation may abandon the party to run for Senate as an independent. Read The New York Times, Florida Governor Splits With G.O.P. on Teacher Pay.

A recent poll shows Rubio beating Crist in the GOP primary, with 56 percent of the vote to 33 percent. But in a three-way race in the general election, Crist would get 32 percent of the vote, compared with 30 percent for Rubio and 24 percent for Meek. Crist must decide by April 30 if he will remain in the Republican primary or take his chances as an independent. He cannot switch after the Aug. 24 primary

UPDATE: The politician former known as the Maverick now says that he's not really a maverick, but just a good ol' Republi-con. Read CBS News, John McCain: I'm not a Maverick.

Why the change? Because of The McCain Mutiny.

Arizona and Florida are two 2010 primary elections to watch. Read the Washington Post, For Charlie Crist, dark days in the Sunshine State primary and GOP Senate contest heats up in Arizona.

Both primaries are August 24, 2010.