Friday, July 17, 2015

Haters Gonna Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate Any Deal

UPDATE:  "'There are three groups of people in the world who are against the deal: War-mongering Republicans in the U.S., Netanyahu and hard-liners in Iran.'

[But g]ive Bibi some credit: It’s hard to imagine many politicians who could suffer a historic defeat on their signature political issue, be blamed for bringing it about, and still somehow benefit."

Read Slate, Bibi Netanyahu Was the Iran Deal’s Most Effective Salesman."

"Conservative opposition to Obama’s expected deal with Iran is based on a critique of Obama’s peculiar failings. He is naive in the face of evil, desperate for agreement, more willing to help his enemies than his friends. The problem is that conservatives have made this same diagnosis of every American president for 70 years. They do not merely oppose this deal, they oppose all of them, because they believe evil regimes cannot be negotiated with. Their analysis of the Iran negotiations is not an analysis at all, but an impulse.

None of this is to say that the Obama administration has handled Iran the correct way. Even if it has, the agreement is unsatisfactory for the same basic reasons that every treaty with a brutal regime is unsatisfactory. The truth neither Obama nor his critics will acknowledge is that there probably isn’t any potential deal that can prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. On the other hand, bombing Iran is also unlikely to work, as is maintaining effective international sanctions for years on end. The least bad option will probably be, in the end, having to rely on deterrence to stop Iran. . .

But the conservative response to Obama’s negotiations is the expression of a pathological inability to grapple with the limits of military power at all."

Read New York Magazine, Conservatives Hate the Iran Deal Because They Hate All Deals.

Read also, Vox, The Iran deal began with George W. Bush, which notes that " the deal, so partisan today, follows a set of principles that even George W. Bush embraced."

Moreover, after the Republ-con's treason, no better deal was possible.

Republi-cons always prefer war for their selfish political reasons