Thursday, June 15, 2017

Trump's Big CON: Baseless Accusations, Trump's "I’m Rubber, You’re Glue" Startegy

UPDATE:  If you follow Trump, you'll notice his tendency to reflex project, that is, accuse others of the flaws he is said to possesses.

For one example, read the Washington Post, Of course Trump called Comey a liar: That’s always been his strategy, which state:

"So Donald Trump is calling James Comey a liar.

This puts the fired FBI director in some impressive company. . .

Trump did not invent this strategy. I first encountered it on the playground of the Old Mill Road elementary school on Long Island in the 1970s: 'I’m rubber, you’re glue — whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.' Other kids used an endlessly entertaining variant: 'I know you are but what am I?'

There’s no doubt Trump’s rubber-and-glue strategy has worked. He is, after all, the president, and Crooked Hillary, Lyin’ Ted, Little Marco and Low-Energy Jeb are not. But can the man who has established himself as one of history’s most prodigious prevaricators convince the country that the former FBI director, celebrated for his integrity, is just another lying liar? Polls before and after Comey’s testimony suggest Trump is losing that contest.

After all, who are you going to believe? Trump? Or everybody else?"

The article lists "those Trump has accused of lying, via pronouncements, tweets and retweets".

And for some déjà vu all over again, watch the Washington Post, All the people Donald Trump insulted in 2015, a comprehensive list at least 68 people or groups that Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump publicly insulted in 2015, "many of them multiple times":

Trump's modus operandi when criticized, "stir up new controversies to deflect attention from a damaging news cycle . .

[Invent a claim that] — if true — would be on the scale of crimes in politics we haven't seen in decades — or ever [and yet not backup the claim] with with even a shred of evidence." 

Read the Washington Post, Trump’s defense against Comey has fallen into a predictable pattern: Make a baseless accusation.

Trump's Big CON: It's All About the Show, Health Care Edition, Cont.

UPDATE III: What did they expect. Trump is "loyal to no one and believes in nothing, so whenever their actions draw criticism, Trump will be among the first to cut and run, decrying the very action he demanded his party take.

Ironically, as Republicans refuse to distance themselves from Trump’s egregious behavior, scandals and ethical shortcomings, he repays them — by creating the perfect soundbite for Democratic ads in 2018.

The House GOP threw the American Health Care Act together with little regard to its impact on ordinary Americans and was willing to slash health care for the poor and middle class while shoveling tax cuts into the coffers of the richest Americans. Trump insisted they pass something and then threw a celebration in the Rose Garden. So much for that.

Trump, of course, cares not even a tiny bit about substance — and we have yet to see him demonstrate even a rudimentary knowledge of what is in the bill. Having made a bargain with a policy know-nothing who lacks any interest in anything but his own winning, Republicans now find themselves excoriated for the very same reason Democrats lambasted the bill.

We have observed frequently that Trump’s rotten character and flightiness makes legislation nearly impossible. Ryan made precisely the opposite bet, namely that Trump’s character and intellectual deficits hardly mattered because he could help Republicans get what they wanted. In fact, Trump’s defects make it nearly impossible for Ryan to achieve his aims. "

Read the Washington Post, Trump predictably abandons the AHCA — and Democrats’ 2018 gift comes early.

UPDATE II: To "note how contemptibly dishonest" Republi-CONs are regarding Obamacare,

Read the AP, Obamacare ‘death spiral’ is a half-told tale, which notes 23 million more people will be uninsured  under the Republi-CON so-called health care plan.

UPDATE:  Not just 'mean', a "source said Trump called the House bill 'mean, mean, mean'".

Read the AP, Trump tells senators House health bill ‘mean’.

Trump says whatever necessary for praise and adulation.

Then: For months Trump called the the Affordable Care Act "'great' and urged GOP lawmakers to vote for it. Following the House vote, Trump hosted an event in the Rose Garden to celebrate its passage."

Now: "President Trump told Republican senators Tuesday that the House GOP health-care bill was 'mean' and he expects the Senate to 'improve' the legislation considerably, according to several Republicans familiar with the gathering."

Read the Washington Post, Trump calls House health bill that he celebrated in the Rose Garden ‘mean’.

But who cares, it's all 'bout the show, 'bout the show, stupid people!!! (Repeat til you get it).