Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Trump's Big CON: SURPRISE, He and His Staff Routinely Lie to the Public

UPDATE IV:  "If you woke up Monday from a coma that caused you to miss the presidential campaign and the first two months of Donald Trump's presidency, then you may have never experienced a Kellyanne Conway interview. But you could catch up on the phenomenon by watching just one TV appearance by the counselor to the president — her latest on CNN.

You missed the whole 'alternative facts' thing? No prob. 'I'm not in the job of having evidence' — a line Conway delivered to Chris Cuomo on Monday morning — should cover the concept.

Never seen Conway take an unsubstantiated claim and state it as fact? . . .

Haven't witnessed Conway's unparalleled ability to twist a journalist's words in a way that frames the media as an enemy? Get ready for a clinic."

Read the Washington Post, Kellyanne Conway gave the most Kellyane Conway interview ever.

UPDATE III:  Anticipating  the obstruction of justice and coverup, steps were taken to preserve the evidence.

Read The New York Times, Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking

UPDATE II:  Now it is Trump's leading lawman lying.

Read the Washington Post, Sessions met with Russian envoy twice last year, encounters he later did not disclose and Jeff Sessions’s denials of contact with Russians are falling apart quickly.

And don't forget the obstruction of justice and coverup, all to hide that The Donald is Putin's Puppet

UPDATE:  Read the Washington Post, 5 times Donald Trump’s team denied contact with Russia.

Is it REALLY a surprise, or have you just been lying to yourself?

Read the Washington Post, In a remarkable interview, Kellyanne Conway’s spin about Mike Flynn crashes and burns.