Saturday, January 16, 2010

Prime-Time Propaganda

News as entertainment, just tellin what they want to hear. Read the Baltimore Sun, Sarah Palin's Fox debut: Prime-time propaganda.

Congratulations to Hedgehog News (which falsely uses the name FOXNews) for their new mascot and martyr, "a living breathing symbol of all that the network hopes to be: a place for the forgotten, besieged, suburban and rural American middle, long victimized, often dismissed, beset on all sides by elites and liberals, haters and foes":

Palin's "chipper visage, baseless certitude, utter obliviousness and unwavering belief in her own destiny make her an ideal vessel for this mounting white discontent. It’s perfect: blind faith meets blinding frustration. For an image of what this looks like, simply recall her rallies from the previous election."

I look forward to her tired cliches, random jargon, and catchphrases she had been coached to repeat, often resulting in nonsensical answers and gibberish during the election.

And if an occasional scripted appearance on Hedgehog News is not enough, there is always the Sarah Palin Quote Generator.

She is "the Palin that America has long come to know, at once skittish and confident, sing-songy in elocution, repetitive in substance and Palinesque in diction. . . . "To quibble with any of these utterances, in form or substance, would be to simply help fulfill her" destiny.

It's all part of God's plan.

All Hail, the Great Palin has returned, we are saved!

Then again maybe not, the end-time is upon us.