Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tiger Mistress Golf

UPDATE V: Read the Washington Post, His life fell apart, and now so has his game.

UPDATE IV: The family guy wins. Read The New York Times, Family Values Become a Focus at Augusta.

A fitting outcome I think.

UPDATE III: Speaking from the grave, Nike has unveiled a new commercial featuring Tiger and the voice of his deceased father asking whether he (Tiger) learned anything:

This ad would not have been done without his approval. I think it is a remarkably humble act of self shaming.

Will it be recognized as a brilliant bit of PR, setting the new standard? Read the Washington Post, Tiger Woods Nike ad: Penance as commodity.

What do you think?

UPDATE II: He's back. Read The New York Times, Why Tiger Matters?

It is a sad commentary on society, but no one will care about his behavior if, and when, he wins again.

But why does The Cheetah's personal behavior matter? Because "[i]f we're not careful, celebrities' infidelities can weaken the institution of monogamous marriage. "

Enough serious, enjoy the game.

UPDATE: The Cheetah won't have these problems if he had only used TigerText. Read CNN, TigerText: An iPhone App for Cheating Spouses?

The mistresses are coming out of the woodwork, and the Cheetah (formerly know as Tiger) has got to get the situation under control. And you know that when his back is against the wall, he is at his best. In this game, help Tiger make sure no more mistresses talk to the media!

(Hint: Place your cursor near the mistress, calculate the appropriate lead or lag, and drive away.)

The guy who emailed me the link got "2 Ho's in one, one birdie, three pars, two 8's, and one 9." What was your score?

P.S. Watch out, it's addictive!