Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Party of Richard Nixon

"There is more than a little Richard Nixon in Gingrich — the same lack of place, the same keen intellect, the same petty fights and imaginary enemies, the same hallucinatory grievances, the same willingness to lie, exaggerate and smear. On a given day, Newt Gingrich could be a brilliant president. On any night, he could be a monster." Read the Washington Post, Newt Gingrich, the Pinocchio candidate.

Just in Time for Easter, a Movie About the Gospel of Rand

UPDATE: Au contraire you heartless Republi-cons. "Developments in the study of evolution suggest that the survival of the fittest depends as much on cooperation as it does on a competition between self-interests." Read The New York Times, Nice Guys Finish First.

Who needs "sympathetic human emotion. . . Reason is everything. Religion is a fraud. Selfishness is a virtue. Altruism is a crime against human excellence. Self-sacrifice is weakness. Weakness is contemptible." Read the Washington Post, Ayn Rand’s adult-onset adolescence.