Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Republi-CON Small Government Hypocrisy

"House Republicans usually claim to be champions of both small government and states’ rights, which makes it hypocritical, and downright reckless, that they are obsessed with taking away the authority of states to decide who is allowed to carry a concealed and loaded handgun." Read The New York Times, So Much for Small Government.

An Iraq What-Might-Have-Been

UPDATE: An article sure to get the Bushies riled.

"Who would have predicted it? Barack Obama has turned out to be so much more adept at implementing George W. Bush’s foreign policy than Bush was, but he is less adept at implementing his own. The reasons, though, are obvious.

In his own way, President Obama has brought the country to the right strategy for Bush’s “war on terrorism.” It is a serious, focused combination of global intelligence coordination, targeted killing of known terrorists and limited interventions — like Libya — that leverage popular forces on the ground and allies, as well as a judicious use of U.S. power, so that we keep the costs and risks down.

Read The New York Times, Barack Kissinger Obama, which notes:

"No doubt George Bush and Dick Cheney thought that both Iraq and Afghanistan would be precisely such focused, limited operations. Instead, they each turned out to be like a bad subprime mortgage — a small down payment with a huge balloon five years down the road. They thought they would be able to “flip” the house before the balloon came due. But partly because of their incompetence and lack of planning, it took much longer to flip the house to new owners and the price America paid was huge. Iraq may still have a decent outcome — I hope so, and it would be important — but even if it becomes Switzerland, we overpaid for it.

So let’s be clear: Up to now, as a commander in chief in the war on terrorism, Obama and his national security team have been so much smarter, tougher and cost-efficient in keeping the country safe than the “adults” they replaced. It isn’t even close, which is why the G.O.P.’s elders have such a hard time admitting it."

The remainder of the article is worth reading.

A sad day for our resident Pastor-to-the-Dictators.

"The death of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi is the latest victory for a new American approach to war: few if any troops on the ground, the heavy use of air power, including drones, and, at least in the case of Libya, a reliance on allies." Read The New York Times, Another Victory for a New Approach to War.

It is also interesting to compare the efforts in Libya to Iraq.

Again, it reaffirms my support for an openly debated and conducted assassination policy for rogue dictators.

Spreading Slanderous Lies, And Supporting A Group That Massacres and Enslaves Women and Children

The fact-free anti-Obama conspiracy du jour: "Before researching the Lord's Resistance Army, Rush Limbaugh accuses Barack Obama of killing Christians in Uganda." Watch the Colbert Report, Rush Limbaugh's L.R.A. Research:

FYI, the LRA has been "accused of widespread human rights violations, including murder, abduction, mutilation, sexual enslavement of women and children and forcing children to participate in hostilities."

So many lies, so little time to refudiate.

Did Steve Jobs' Faith in Alternative Remedies Kill Him?

UPDATE II: An interesting but sad article, about "Steve Jobs [who] created what Shakespeare called 'the brightest heaven of invention.' But his life sounded like the darkest hell of volatility." Read The New York Times, The Limits of Magical Thinking.

UPDATE: And what alternative remedies did he try, against the advice of family and friends, "a vegan diet, acupuncture, herbal remedies and other treatments he found online, and even consulted a psychic. He also was influenced by a doctor who ran a clinic that advised juice fasts, bowel cleansings and other unproven approaches, the book says, before finally having surgery. Read the Washington Post, New book suggests Jobs rebelled his whole life and threatened ‘thermonuclear war’ vs. Google.

Did he use a Mac or an iPad to do those searches?

"Steve Jobs had a mild form of cancer that is not usually fatal, but seems to have ushered along his own death by delaying conventional treatment in favor of alternative remedies, a Harvard Medical School researcher and faculty member says. Jobs's intractability, so often his greatest asset, may have been his undoing." Read Gawker, Steve Jobs Probably Doomed Himself With Alternative Medicine.