Thursday, December 16, 2010

Class Today at NoBullU on WEBY

Listen to the voice of wisdom and reason in a wilderness of partisan rhetoric -- No political insanity, no conservative hypocrisy, no liberal foolishness -- Just straight talk, straight at you, and that’s no bull!!

NoBullU will broadcast today from 4:05 to 6:00 p.m. at 1330 AM WEBY and on line.


Follow-up to fact-free fantasies - missile nonsense, duped by the Birthers, and sermons of hate, attributing horrible events to God's wrath for the treatment of Israel, so how do you explain the fires;

Local and regional: play double-A ball, name that team, and arrogant government official;

Nation and international: I'm waiting, where's the balanced budget, the Republi-Con jihad against America continues -- pledging to block action on every bill being considered by Congress until action they get their millionaire tax cuts, but first the tax cuts and spending for $858 billion in additional debt, courtesy of the Republi-CONs; Republi-CONs con the Tea Party; Republi-CON health care hypocrisy, cont.; Republi-CON truthiness cost $220 million; Health Care Lawsuit Score: US 2 - VA 1; more proof that federal government workers are overpaid; why America is great?, Part VI, It's the middle class stupid; the Republi-con war on the middle class continues; reaping what the Republi-con fear industry sowed -- damned if you don't, and damned if you do, airline security; the Republi-CON's 'aristocracy of monied corporations' exposed; the American political meltdown continues, it's the road to poverty; Republi-cons are narcissists; and speaking of take-downs -- Hedgehog News and Glen Beck, The Manchurian Lunatic

Fun stuff: how pumpkin pies are made and The Christmas Can-Can (Animated Version)


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I'll discuss anything, but expect a no mercy take down if you are a party hack pandering to fear, anger and hatred, because the truth sure makes it hard out there for the party pimps.

So tune-in, call-in, but only if you can handle some ass kickin' discussion of politics and current events.

And remember: I'm still God's favorite Gulf Coast talk show host, just ask the capped well!

Why Is America Great?, Part VI, It's the Middle Class

UPDATE II: And who is one of the Republi-con generals in the war on the middle class, our next 'Weeper of the House,' "who has voted against nearly every boost for the working stiff." Read The New York Times, The Tears of John Boehner.

UPDATE: Of course, the future is not lookin good with the Republi-con war on the middle class. "As Justice Louis Brandeis said, 'We can have concentrated wealth in the hands of a few or we can have democracy, but we can’t have both.'" Read The New York Times, Give Up on the Estate Tax.

"America should focus less on losing its star status and more on defending and preserving the gospel of middle-class dignity" and values, including "industry, prudence, ambition, neatness, order, moderation and continual self-improvement." Read The New York Times, Ben Franklin’s Nation.