Thursday, March 17, 2011

Time to Call the Bluff of Republi-CON Budget Hypocrites

On the budget, "Boehner is in a pickle. If he moves to the right on the continuing resolution to temporarily fund the government, he loses the Senate. If he moves to the left, he loses his own Republicans. And if he just stands there, the government gets shut down -- and polls suggest the public will blame Boehner and the Republicans." Read the Washington Post, John Boehner’s problem — and ours.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Maxine

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Happy St. Patrick's Day from Maxine

Follow-up to fact-free fantasies: TBD;

Local and regional: our very own Sunshine advocate, and more disclosures about Florida's new Senate president, and after two years, a trial for Florida's former house speaker, will it lays bare a conspiracy to defraud taxpayers, and remember days gone by, watch this 1964 Pensacola tourism film;

National and international: I'm waiting, where's the balanced budget, don't hold you breath because the Republi-CONs Con the Tea Party, there'll be no $100 billion budget cut, but the budget battles continue, is the problem that there are too many old people?,

after the devastation in Japan, you should support better, not just less, government

free speech, is it all or nothing?, or should there be limits on hate speech like our very on pastor-in-residence to the dictators, 64 days til the end of the world, again

union busting, part of the Republi-CON war on the middle class, but who said: “where collective bargaining is forbidden, freedom is lost”

budget gamesmanship and tough decisions, and Congressional pension reform hypocrisy

the Republi-CON Double Dip Recession, not a new ice cream, but it'll make you scream,

and they're off and running, reports are that former speaker of the House Gingrich will become the first major Republican candidate to enter the 2012 Presidential race, and he start the campaign by explaining his patriotic affair(s), but he's number four, how do the others rate,

more partisan zealotry through highly selective editing of reality, but even Glenn Bonkers doesn't believe it, so many lies, so little time to 'refudiate', this time it the EPA and milk

BE AFRAID!, says the terrorist group support, now Republi-con the Congressman

a Facebook revolution?, did it take an ominous turn this week when Saudi Arabia invaded Bahrain, America's addiction to oil, and support of Middle East dictators

new score in the health care lawsuit: US 3 - VA 1 and FL, and Obama can continue the reform effort , and did you know, the Republi-CONs secretly support Obamacare

the benefits of a modern secular legal system, don't read your spouse's email, or record her conversations, you can kill a rat, but not a hamster, is it a crime to have a false persona,

no class like this at my school,

you're so wonderful, not

and 'The Great Stagnation' and our broken political system;

Fun stuff: test your power of observation, quiz for the know-it-all, what Dads do when Moms are not home, read the witticisms!, America's Funniest Grandmother and Mission Impossible, Squirrel Edition, Escapa;


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