Thursday, January 21, 2010

Republi-CONs Broke the Economy, But Naive-crats Now Own It

UPDATE II: As I've said before, fear, anger, and hatred works for the campaign, but is not an effective governing strategy. Call the Republi-con bluff.

UPDATE: Time for a vote of raising the debt limit, and after years of fiscal irresponsibility -- two major tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, a costly Medicare prescription-drug benefit and two wars, without paying for any of it -- Republi-cons have found religion.

Naive-ocrats should call their bluff, and refuse to raise the debt ceiling unless it is unanimous. Otherwise, Republi-cons will just use it in the next election.

Here is a life lesson from today's headlines: if you cover for your predecessor's incompetence it will soon be your problem. And in politics, not only will it be your problem, but will spin the blame your way. Read the Washington Post, Promise to Trim Deficit Is Growing Harder to Keep.