Friday, January 16, 2009

Wrongdoing Not Judicial Tyranny

A writer wrote a viewpoint today in our local mullet wrapper regarding the ACLU lawsuit against the Santa Rosa County School Board. The viewpoint, titled Santa Rosa prayer ruling wrong, states:

"anger does not even begin to describe what I feel over a federal judge's decision to halt promotion of prayer and religious influence in Santa Rosa schools ("Schools ordered to stop prayer," Jan. 13). Fury is perhaps a more accurate description. . .

This is judicial tyranny, plain and simple, and it must be opposed not just where religious issues are concerned, but everywhere."

Problem is, the writer doesn't know what he is taking about. There was no decision by the judge, just an admission of wrongdoing by the school board.

The decision was made by the school board to admit the constitutional violations. The order states that the school board "admitted liability on plaintiffs’ claims, as set out in their complaint filed August 27, 2008."

I have posted some of the court documents.

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UPDATE: If you like the legal nitty-gritty of the issue, here is a table of important Establishment Clause cases dealing with religion and education. FYI, there are three pages of cases.

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