Friday, January 21, 2011

My What Bright Teeth You Have!

"Teens could soon be wandering around with a new fashion accessory that adds glowing LED lights to their teeth." Read The New York Times, New Japanese Fashion: LED Lights for Your Teeth.

How is Your Technology?

More Bailout Bull Revelations

"You would think at this point that there would be nothing left to be outraged about when it comes to government bailouts. But the more bailout rocks you turn over, the more well-connected players you find who aren't being forced to pay the full price of their mistakes." Read the Washington Post,
Old GMAC shareholders are winners after bailout.

So "[w]hy can't those who face foreclosure get the same sorts of help as bankrupt companies?" Read The New York Times, What’s Good for G.M. Is Good For Homeowners.

Needless Rules?

Needless rules, "reviled by some are cherished by others." Would it have prevented a
Gulf Shores mother from running over 4-year-old daughter at an Okaloosa RV park?
Read The New York Times, Obama Is Latest to Hunt for Elusive 'Dumb' Rules.

China, Rogue Economic Superpower

UPDATE II: "Is "our newest economic superpower may indeed be on its way to some kind of economic crisis, with collateral damage to the world as a whole. " Read The New York Times, China Goes to Nixon.

UPDATE: "Here we go again.

China's Supreme Leader visits Washington, and administration officials declare in the run-up to the visit that the United States has had quite enough of Beijing's currency-manipulating, intellectual- property-stealing, domestic- industry-subsidizing policies. . .

By week's end, Americans finally turn their attentions back to the more pressing issue of whether the Jets can really make it to the Super Bowl.

So far, this week's visit by President Hu Jintao has pretty much followed the script."

Read the Washington Post, Chinese follow same old script (and they get the punch line).

"China’s rare-earth monopoly is yet another example of its refusal to play by the rules." Read The New York Times, Rare and Foolish.

And China laughs all the way to the bank.

But all is not lost, yet. we could "use tariffs to counter Beijing’s unfair export subsidies." Read The New York Times, For Our China Trade Emergency, Dial Section 301.