Monday, July 18, 2011

School District Lawsuit Update

UPDATE IV: "Superintendent Tim Wyrosdick told WUWF radio, 'Nothing in the revised consent decree changes what employees could or couldn't do.' (See the differences yourself at:" Read the Pensacola News Journal, Liberty Counsel 'win' in the bank.

UPDATE III: Ransom paid, lawsuits dismissed. Read the Pensacola News Journal, 3-year Santa Rosa school prayer battle is over.

Read the competing press releases from the ACLU and Liberty Counsel.

And to read the court documents, click here.

UPDATE II: The court has ruled on Liberty Counsel's motion for a preliminary injunction and the School District's motion to dismiss. To read the order and some of the other court documents, click here.

UPDATE: If you suffer from insomnia, the local school district lawsuit court documents have been updated.

Don't forget about that other lawsuit, Contempt of Court or Contempt For God: Now The Teachers Sue.

Liberty Counsel has filed a motion for a preliminary injunction.

To read the motion and some of the other court documents, click here.

Believe It or Not: DUI/DWI at the Demolition Derby

"After David L. Warner Jr. won the Jessamine County Fair demolition derby on Wednesday night, police arrested him on a charge of driving under the influence and took him to jail.

According to a release from Nicholasville police, witnesses at the fair told police that 'Warner had consumed several Bud Light beers while he was preparing to drive in the derby.'"

Read the, Nicholasville police arrest victorious demolition derby driver on DUI charge.

One commernter asked: "Did they pile on charges of not using his turn signal, no tail lights and illegal lane changes?"

Good Doggie!

From an email:

The winner at dog obedience school: