Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to Escape Public Health Care

"Millions of Tea Party loyalists fled the United States in the early morning hours today, seeking what one of them called 'the American dream of liberty from health care,'" but where to go, Mexico, ('they may have drug cartels and narcoterrorism down there, but public health care??, alas they do), Chad, North Korea, all have public health care.

Read The New Yorker, Millions Flee Obamacare.  

Republi-CON Obama Derangement Syndrome Déjà Vu

UPDATE II:  Republi-con paranoid hysteria is over social programs is nothing new.

"When Congress debated the Social Security bill, in 1935, hysteria on the right ran high. The business lobby, echoed by its Republican allies on Capitol Hill, charged Franklin Roosevelt with a plot to extinguish liberty in America—to establish 'socialistic control of life and industry,' as the National Association of Manufacturers put it. 'Never in the history of the world,' declared Rep. John Taber, of New York, after what one trusts was a thorough review of the history of the world, 'has any measure been … so insidiously designed as to prevent business recovery [and] to enslave workers.' To another New York congressman, James W. Wadsworth, Social Security represented 'a power so vast' that it threatened to 'pull the pillars of the temple down upon the heads of our descendants.' Still, its opponents in the House, and later the Senate, buckled in the face of popular opinion, swallowed their hatred of Roosevelt, and the Social Security Act passed by wide margins.

Another wave of panic crested on the eve of the 1936 election—an eleventh-hour attempt to seize on public anxiety about the Social Security payroll tax, slated to take effect on January 1, 1937. The Republican nominee, Governor Alf Landon of Kansas, called the program 'unjust, unworkable, stupidly drafted and wastefully financed.' He and his campaign raised the specter of mass fingerprinting, of Washington snoops pawing through people’s 'life records,' and of a bureaucratic scheme to erase workers’ names and replace them with numbers. This rhetoric reached its crescendo on Halloween, fittingly enough, when John Hamilton, chairman of the Republican National Committee, stood before a crowd of twenty thousand in Boston, clutching a stainless-steel 'specimen' tag stamped 'Social Security Board'; Hamilton thrust it in the air and insisted that if F.D.R. were reëlected, tags just like it would be 'hung around the necks of twenty-seven million' working men and women. The Roosevelt Administration, he asserted, had already sought bids for machines to manufacture the tags. (Hamilton refused to divulge where he’d gotten the sample, but after the rally, he let reporters pass it around and inspect it.)"

Read The New Yorker, Shutdown: The Hysterical Style in American Politics

UPDATE: How do you know that Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood -- "because he put his foot on the Oval Office desk." Watch the Colbert Report, Barack Obama's Footgate & Secret Muslim Code:

The Colbert Report
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"The right’s Ahab-like determination to destroy Obamacare has so thoroughly overtaken the conservative wing of the GOP that its loyalists in Congress are about to squander an opportunity to hand Democrats a huge defeat in the fight over sequestration, and hasten the Republican crackup in the process.

Conservatives are poised — once again! — to align with progressives in temporarily handing control of the House of Representatives over to Nancy Pelosi, and protecting the poor from deep government spending cuts. All because GOP leaders don’t think suicide is a wise political strategy."

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