Friday, March 23, 2012

The Road to the Congressman's House

"Congressman Jeff Miller, Republican from Chumukla Florida who took thousands from local taxpayers to pave a road to his house isolated in the country. Taxpayers who couldn’t get their own roads paved without paying for the process themselves wound up paying for a five mile section of highway in Santa Rosa County that ended at his residence with no other residences on that stretch of road. This was while the local DOT could not afford lights in rural areas that would help local residents from being run down by tourists along US98 and US90 both of which are also vital hurricane evacuation routes but had to defer to 'his' project first when funds were very limited a few years back."

Read, On Congressman Jeff Miller (R-Fl).

Millions in farm subsidies, and now a paved road, courtesy of the federal government?!! It should be Republi-CON Jeff Miller, R-Hypocrite-ville.

The Republi-CON 'Cutting Taxes Stimulates Growth That Offsets Lost Revenue' Myth

UPDATE: Of course, Ryan's budget proposal "not now and has never been remotely serious." Read The New York Times, Flim-Flam Fever.

The budget proposed by Paul Ryan would 'reduce taxes for the wealthy, shift health care costs to the private sector, and increase the deficit and the debt far more than projected.' Read The New York Times, NYT, The Limits of American Exceptionalism.

The Republi-CON Modus Operandi: Taking Words Out of Context

Obamney learned from the best when misquoting others. Read The Atlantic, Quote of the Day: Karl Rove's Dishonest Reporting and/or Forbes, Shocker! Karl Rove Endorses Obama in WSJ Op-Ed. (Not) Really!

All part of the Republi-CON "not intended to be a factual statement" and "misinformation" propaganda industry.