Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump's Big CON: 'America is a Rotten Place'

UPDATE:  Read also the Washington Post, Trump’s inaugural address offers nothing to soothe the worst fears about him.

"President Trump delivered a campaign speech, not an inaugural address today. That he and his staff do not understand the difference goes to the heart of his insufficiency as a leader. Addressing a shockingly sparse crowd, he painted a picture of a hellish America that can only be restored by turning inward, deciding the world is a burden and our allies are thieves."

Read the Washington Post, Trump’s America is a rotten place.

So why such a "dark, false and frightening" vision?  As the article notes:

"Does he see America as a decimated, destroyed and weak country? Apparently yes — or he would like us to believe so in order to, in a year or so, declare how everything has improved. . .

There has never and will not be a better Trump. His vision is dark, false and frightening. He leads by stoking nativism, protectionism (which actually makes us poorer) and seething resentment. God help us all."