Thursday, June 1, 2017

Trump's Big CON: He's Not Very Smart or Curious, and Neither is His Rich Son-in-Law

UPDATE II:  "The presidency, we see once again, is beyond Trump’s intellectual and temperamental capabilities. The Post reports, 'President Trump consumes classified intelligence like he does most everything else in life: ravenously and impatiently, eager to ingest glinting nuggets but often indifferent to subtleties.' Sorry, but a man of extraordinary ignorance who is unable to absorb nuances is going to fail as president. . .

In short, he cannot successfully fake being presidential and cannot reconcile himself to the need to listen to those who know more than he does — and are in a position to damage his presidency. As a result, debacles will continue to unfold."

Read the Washington Post, It’s the Trump presidency, not its communications staff, that’s failing.

UPDATE:  "President Trump consumes classified intelligence like he does most everything else in life: ravenously and impatiently, eager to ingest glinting nuggets but often indifferent to subtleties. "

Read the Washington Post, How President Trump consumes — or does not consume — top-secret intelligence.

It isn't a "media problem", or a staffing problem, it is an ignorant rich white guys with with zero political or government experience but confidence utterly unwarranted by actual abilities problem.

Read the Washington Post, Why the Trump administration can’t solve its biggest problems, which notes that:

"[A]lone among White House staffers, Kushner can’t be fired. But even he is not the real problem, and the problem the White House has no way to solve. That problem is, of course, the president himself.

As much as Trump complains internally about his communications staff, they can’t have any credibility when they’re told to defend Trump’s spectacular bumbling and endless waterfall of lies. The people who work on policy are hampered by the ever-shifting messages emanating from the Oval Office on what Trump wants. Just last night he tweeted, 'I suggest that we add more dollars to Healthcare and make it the best anywhere,' at a moment when Republicans are proposing to slash hundreds of billions of dollars from health-care spending.

All the crises, all the chaos, all the scandals begin with Donald Trump. He’s the one who fired Comey, then admitted on camera that he did it because of the Russia investigation. He’s the one who blurts out secrets to other governments, out of either a deep need to impress people or sheer stupidity ('You can’t say what not to say,' one person close to the White House told CNN, 'because that will then be one of the first things he’ll say'). He’s the one who rages internally against leaks, then sends out a series of tweets alleging that leaks are not leaks at all, but are in fact fabricated by news organizations, which keeps his core supporters in a state of denial and antagonizes honest journalists.

So the White House can shake itself up all it wants. How much damage the Russia scandal does will be determined not by whether the Trump administration has a good 'war room,' but by how deep it goes and whether crimes were committed — in other words, by the facts. Passing some meaningful legislation might help, but not if it’s as stunningly unpopular as what has been proposed so far. And as long as Donald Trump keeps being Donald Trump, its problems will never be over."

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Trump is a Psycho-Narcissistic Con Man (CONt., Part 3)

UPDATE:  "Trump returns to the White House this week just as he left -- lonely, angry and not happy with much of anyone.

The presidency, Donald Trump is discovering, is not an easy or natural fit.

'"He now lives within himself, which is a dangerous place for Donald Trump to be,' says someone who speaks with the President. 'I see him emotionally withdrawing. He's gained weight. He doesn't have anybody whom he trusts.'"

Read CNN, Trump, home all alone.

Poor guy, but he only has himself to blame.

And what does he expect when he rides a golf cart to a photo op instead of walking 700 yards.

Did you notice a pattern?

While on his foreign trip, when everybody he meets tells him what a great guy he is, his ego is sated.

Back home, alone with no one to complement him, he gets angry and turns to Twitter.

Read the SFGate, Trump returns from foreign trip, goes on Twitter rant.

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