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Prosecuting the Dead

"The Arts Council of Northwest Florida misappropriated funds by paying its expenses with money it was supposed to give to local arts organizations, the State Attorney's Office said.

The State Attorney's Office announced Thursday that it was charging the now-defunct council with two counts of making false official statements. No official associated with the group was charged."

Read the Pensacola New Journal, Arts Council of Northwest Florida faces 2 charges

Read the press release, report (page 2), and information (page 4) from the State Attorney's Office charging the 'council' with two counts for making false official statements:

State Attorney's Office, Press Release Re Arts Council

What is the point of the prosecution. And what if no one appears to represent 'the now-defunct council,' figuratively I mean. Why would anyone hire a lawyer?

Talk about a waste of time. So what is the real purpose?

One local blogger says "Escambia County remains “Bubba-ville USA." (Bubba-ville USA includes other parts of NW Florida.)

So is the meaningless prosecution of a dead organization to assuage the public's anger at the misdeeds of the local good ol' boys?