Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And Yet Even More State Republi-CON Fiscal Conservative Hypocrisy

UPDATE II: After being admonished for omissions on his "Constitutionally mandated" ethics disclosure forms, Haridopolos "has put the kibosh on a fellow Republican’s ethics bill — the same bill Haridopolos himself had co-sponsored last year." Read The Miami Herald, Why did Senate President Mike Haridopolos’ office stall ethics legislation?

UPDATE: Now Florida's new Senate president has been admonished for errors on his financial disclosure forms. He "left out key information from 2004 through 2008 in required financial-disclosure forms — such as a $400,000 investment home in Mount Dora and the names of two clients who paid him more than $120,000 over the five years." Rea the Pensacola News Journal, Florida Senate admonishes Haridopolos.

"Florida's new Senate president, who wants the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate next year, got $152,000 from a coastal community college to write a book on politics. . . The 175-page, double-spaced manuscript [didn't] come close to meeting the original contract's call for a publishable, textbook-quality look at the development of the Florida Legislature, state constitution, the governor's office and judiciary from pre-statehood until present. "

It did, however, include this sage advise, "'a cell phone will be essential' for the would-be candidate, and 'a computer with an Internet connection is equally important.'"

Read the Washington Post, Fla. politician's deal: 1 book, 1 copy, $152K.

He should relate well to Florida Gov. Rick 'Fifth Amendment' Scott, who "resigned under a cloud as CEO of Columbia/HCA, the world's largest hospital corporation, when it was busted for massive [$1.7 billion] Medicare fraud."