Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The (Missile) Nonsense of Pastor Truthiness

UPDATE II: Tim, a defender of WEBY's very own Pastor Truthiness, wrote with a reference to a fact-free video narrated by Pastor Truthiness and a claim that I need to "get [my] 'stuff' together before [I] attack him - seems like he is always making [me] look the fool."

Sorry Tim, the fool is the one who quotes World Net Daily as a reliable source.

There is an explanation for, and long history of, mistaking airplane contrails for missiles. Read ContrailScience.com, Los Angeles Missile Contrail Explained in Pictures. The article is probably difficult for Tim and Pastor Truthiness to understand, since it includes a lot of facts, math, science and analysis to identify the actual plane that left the contrail.

Fact-free truthiniess, and its Pastor, are the fools.

UPDATE: Read The New York Times, How Smoky Plume in Sky Drew the Eyes of the World, in which one expert concluded that "news programs had acted irresponsibly in pushing the missile thesis without bothering to establish basic facts that would have quickly cleared up the riddle."

On Tuesday WEBY's very own Pastor Truthiness spend the better part of two hour talking about a missile launch" off the California coast. It felt soooooo right, and besides, he had seen it on WorldNetDaily.

Read the Washington Post, Mystery vapor trail over California was left by plane, not missile, experts say.

All hail Republi-CON truthiness:

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