Monday, March 17, 2014

Morning Joe for President?

UPDATE IV:  Another trial balloon:  "The MSNBC host has Beltway buzz for his flirtation with the 2016 presidential race. Republican primary voters may be a different story."

Read The Atlantic, Joe Scarborough for President? Sure, Why Not?

UPDATE III:  “The hot buzz from No Labels circles is the TV host is ‘mulling’ a bid. He can't win, but it'd be funny to watch.”

Read Salon, Run, Joe, run! Why a Scarborough presidential run would be doomed and amazing.   

UPDATE II:  Another divorce for Morning Joe.  

Read the Washington Post, TMZ, Quiet Divorce ... After 12-Year Marriage

One divorce might have been explainable, but now after two there will never be a President Joe.  But don't shed too many tears, his current gig pays $99,038/week.

UPDATE: The Draft Morning Joe movement appears to have started back in June with The Daily Beast, Joe Scarborough Can Save the GOP.

And the talk continues on Politico, David Petraeus, Joe Scarborough eyed for '12.

Sometimes a political hack, Scarborough can be independent, calling them like he see them, regardless of party politics.

Will it be Scarborough v. Obama in 2012? One "fresh, aggressive voice for Democrats and a watchdog of the Republican Party" New Yorker thinks it would be an interesting race.

Read The Ostroy Report, President Scarborough? "Morning Joe" Would Be a Viable Threat To Obama in 2012.

How about Scarborough/Palin or Palin/Scarborough?

BTW, what do Joe and Sarah have in common? (Hint, think Mel Marinez.)


I predict that Morning Joe doesn't run because he's got a good gig and he doesn't want to explain why he resigned from Congress. Too bad because lord knows that the Republi-con party needs some help and he might be just the person to reform a party awash in grievance, self-pity, resentment, and anger.

All Joe has to say to resurrect his political career is that he didn't like the person that he became in Washington D.C., but that he has matured and is ready to try again.