Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Obamneys, The First Family of Amercia Dressage, ‘It’s Basically NASCAR In A Velvet Top Hat’

UPDATE:  "John Kerry was made to look effete in 2004 by Republican mockery of his windsurfing, his Turnbull & Asser shirts and his French fluency. Now Democrats have a chance to do something similar to Romney, with his Swiss bank account, his Grand Cayman and Bermuda tax havens, his multiple homes, his $10,000 bet, his friends who own NASCAR teams, and now the six-figure horses his wife imports from Europe. Nothing says 'man of the people' quite like horse ballet."

Read the Washington Post, The politics of horse ballet.

Speaking of horses and Obamney, there is the White horse Prophecy.

The Romneys' horse Rafalca makes the Olympic team.

You must agree that "there is no better way to dispel the myth that Romney is detached patrician elite than competitive horse prancing."

Watch the Colbert Report, Mitt Romney's Champion Horse & Dressage Tribute:


More on the Birthers Racists Fantasies

Birthers are part of a "sick political culture where 'facts are so easily twisted for political purposes and where strange armies of ideological pseudo-historians roam the biographical fields in search of stray ammunition.' . . . they disregard facts and common sense and undermine the role of serious history as they concoct conspiracy theories that portray the president as dangerous, alien and less than American.

What drives them? . . . [F]ears of demographic changes in this country, and out of racism."

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