Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Republi-CON's 'Aristocracy of Monied Corporations' Exposed

UPDATE: Republi-con corporatism , AKA the unholy alliance, is destroying the country. Read the Washington Post, Corporate America, paving a downward economic slide.

Tom Delay's conviction "showed what is 'common practice here in D.C. looks an awful lot like plain old corruption everywhere else in the country.'" Read the Washington Post, DeLay trial offers a window into Washington fundraising and influence-peddling, and see how the trial showed "in part that when some of the routines in Washington - including 'giving campaign contributions to a political candidate with the expectation that that candidate would vote a certain way' - are put before a jury by a prosecutor with either good or bad motives, they can convincingly look like bribery, or worse.'"

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The NoBullU New Year's Resolution

Follow-up to fact-free fantasies - don't be duped by the Birthers;

Local and regional: local premiere of a movie filmed locally by a local guy, and an interview with that local -- director-screenwriter Brett Haley, how many holidays do you get at work, local Taj Mahal, or poisoned well politics?: now its the ECUA admin building and Perdido Key fire station and community center, first the delay. now the lawsuit, will the darn park be built?, build it and make' em pay $3.75, but will driver's pay?, and 150 years ago yesterday [January 5, 1861] armed secessionist insurgents from Mobile overtook Fort Gaines on the outer reaches of Mobile Bay;

National and international: no more blamin Obama, I'm waiting, where's the balanced budget; it's déjà Republi-CON all over again, the agenda: more riches for the rich, more misery for the rest and speaking of Republi-CONS -- Republi-CONs con the Tea Party and first day, first broken promise -- no $100 billion budget cut -- then broken promises two three and four -- the Republi-con healthcare repeal bill does conform to the pledge to include the statutory basis, identify spending cuts to pay for the $230 billion cost, and Republi-cons say no amendments, and update, Republi-CON deficit hypocrisy continues, even more state Republi-Con fiscal conservative hypocrisy, and the Republi-CON I'd Be a Millionaire If It Wasn't For Social Security myth, supply and consumption, read your spouse's email, go to jail, and Inside Job, will it be the best documentary of 2010, and life's imponderables: if one wife causes you to drink, then why would two wives not?;

Fun stuff: 100 Great Movie Lines;


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