Friday, October 2, 2015

Doing the Devil's Work and Supporting Middle East Dictators

UPDATE V:  "A new book detailing the brutal torture and murder meted out by the regime of President Bashar al-Assad serves as a harrowing reminder of the true nature of the man Russia is now fighting for and wants the West to prop up."

Read the Daily Mail, 'People had deep cuts, some had their eyes gouged out, their teeth broken': New book reveals the grotesque torture and murder meted out by Syrian dictator Assad – the man Russia's Putin is helping to keep in power.  

WARNING; The article includes graphic photos.

UPDATE IV: I heard our resident Pastor-to-the-Dictators supporting Middle East dictators again. I wonder how he can call himself a Christian but defend "hundreds of killings, arrests and torture cases by the government of President Bashar al-Assad."

Read The New York Times, Syrian Official in Hama Resigns to Protest Bloodshed.

I guess it is all part of his religious mythology.

UPDATE III: When you hear our resident Pastor-to-the-Dictators and other so-called Christians bemoan the threat to Israel from the unrest in Syria, ask them if they know the story of 15-year-old Tamer Mohammed al-Sharei, who refused "interrogators demand . . . [to] proclaim strongman Bashar Assad as his 'beloved' president." Instead al-Sharei "chanted an often-heard slogan from anti-regime street protests calling for 'freedom and the love of God and our country.'" His reward:Link

"Inside a filthy detention center in Damascus, eight or nine interrogators repeatedly bludgeoned a skinny teenager whose hands were bound and who bore a bullet wound on the left side of his chest. They struck his head, back, feet and genitals until he was left on the floor of a cell, bleeding from his ears and crying out for his mother and father to help him."
Read the Washington Post, Witness saw teen severely beaten in Syrian jail for failing to praise president.

Support of evil, brutal dictators is no long-term solution for peace in the Middle East.

UPDATE II: When you hear our resident Pastor-to-the-Dictators and other so-called Christians bemoan the threat to Israel from the unrest in Syria, ask them if they know the story of Hamza Ali al-Khateeb.

"He was the 13-year-old Syrian boy who tagged along at an antigovernment protest in the town of Saida on April 29. He was arrested that day, and the police returned his mutilated body to his family a month later. While in custody, he had apparently been burned, beaten, lacerated and given electroshocks. His jaw and kneecaps were shattered. He was shot in both arms. When his father saw the state of Hamza’s body, he passed out."

To learn more, read The New York Times, The Depravity Factor, which notes that Middle East peace "cannot be found without acknowledging and wrestling with a government’s moral character."

Support of evil, brutal dictators is no long-term solution.

UPDATE: More fact-free fantasies! Is there any need to respond to his statement today, which a guest of his made on a past show, that the Earth's rotation creates oil deposits?

Pastor Truthiness (formerly known as Pastor Poppins) is at it again, preaching fear anger and hatred with fact-free fantasies, but don't be duped.

Yesterday he was bragging that he is always right and challenged callers to cite otherwise. A few of his usual sycophants to flatter him and agree with him. I called to prove he is a fraud and he refused to take the call.

Of course, he denied the missile nonsense, and never discussed his prior claims that God talks through an oil well.

It is impossible to discuss his birther delusions. (It is clear that he hasn't even read the Congressional Research Service that would agree that Obama is a "natural born citizen," (the Congressional Research Service is a part of the Library of Congress, providing professional, objective and non-partisan public policy research to members of Congress and their staffers. The writer of the memorandum is a qualified constitutional attorney who has summarized the historical and legal material with references, showing, by contrast, how shoddy the birther arguments are) (this memorandum explains why even Republi-CON Congressmen/women refuse to join the Birthers), and he hasn't talked to Barbara Nelson, who "specifically remembers his birth" because she spoke with the obstetrician who delivered [Obama] shortly after his birth.)

And he continues his slander by innuendo, one example -- Michelle Obama did not surrender her license to practice law, another example -- denying the theory of evolution.

But lately he has been weaving a myth to link Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood. (During his first effort he couldn't even pronounce Mubarak's name correctly.)

His support of Middle East dictators and summary police executions for the benefit of his religious myths is the clearest indication that the devil resides in his heart and works his magical tongue to mislead you regarding the real reason for the Egyptian uprising: Khaled Said, 28, who was beaten to death by Egyptian police in June 2010:

"Police officers at an Internet cafe below his apartment were exchanging a video that showed officers divvying up seized narcotics and cash. Relatives think the clip was delivered via Bluetooth to Said's computer by accident. The young man shared it with friends, who forwarded it to others.

Two of the detectives implicated in the video approached Said outside his building, in the Sidi Gaber district of Alexandria, about noon June 6. One grabbed him by the shoulder and hauled him inside the Internet cafe.

The officers smashed Said's head against a marble table repeatedly, until the owner of the shop asked them to take it outside. They then dragged Said inside a nearby building where the two kicked him and smashed his head against stone steps, witnesses later told relatives.

The next day, Said's mother was notified that her son was at the morgue. The cause of death, she was told, was severe cardiovascular asphyxiation caused by a high level of drugs in his system. The initial police report received by the family said Said had apparently died after he swallowed a bag that contained marijuana.

Finding that account suspicious, relatives bribed a guard at the morgue to take a photo of the corpse. It showed Said's skull had been cracked and his face disfigured.

After local prosecutors expressed little interest in pursuing the case, Kassem, who was a father figure to Said, began holding news conferences. Said's cousins created a page on Facebook to expose what they called police brutality.

"Since last June, the Khaled Said Facebook page has attracted more than 473,000 members and has become a tool not only for organizing the protests but also for providing regular updates about other cases of police abuse. "

Their efforts to expose police brutality took hold after the Tunisian uprising, which "started when a young merchant, Mohamed Bouazizi, set himself on fire after the police confiscated his produce cart Dec. 14, 2010. Following that, demonstrations, riots and strikes constituted the most dramatic wave of social and political unrest in Tunisia for the past three decades."

Those who support Middle East dictators and summary police executions do the devil's work.