Friday, June 2, 2017

Trump's Big CON: The Cult of Trump

UPDATE II: But as a sign of future trouble, smart people don't want to work for the egomaniac.

"BuzzFeed News spoke with 20 Republican communicators and operatives, many of whom have worked on Capitol Hill and in presidential campaigns and some who have declined previous offers to join the Trump administration. Nearly all said they would be unwilling to accept an offer to replace [white House communication director Mike] Dubke.

'Hell no!' said one Republican — one of the most common types of response BuzzFeed News got from operatives. 'That would be career suicide.'

Others brought a mix of dark humor.

'That's like asking someone who just witnessed a horrific bungee jumping accident whether they would like to go next,' one Republican source responded in a text message.

'It would be only a few months on the job before tapping out the 'I want to spend more time with family' email,' another said.

One operative whose spouse works in the Trump administration dissolved into laughter upon being asked if they would want the role.

'Sorry, I’m sorry,' the source said between stifled laughs. 'Oh, you’re being serious? Oh my god, I’m crying of laughter. Why would anyone in their right mind want to be his communications director?'

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UPDATE:  Some have compared the 'breathless praise of Trump to North Korean exaggeration and propaganda promoting the Dear Leader, calling it 'insecure, over-the-top, Great Leader-esque.''

Read the Washington Post, Trump’s aides are starting to rival their boss when it comes to praising him.

"White House spokeswoman Hope Hicks issued a statement about President Trump on Monday that is so disconnected from reality that it reads like a parody — like something “Saturday Night Live” cooked up to mimic propaganda.

Here it is:

    President Trump has a magnetic personality and exudes positive energy, which is infectious to those around him. He has an unparalleled ability to communicate with people, whether he is speaking to a room of three or an arena of 30,000. He has built great relationships throughout his life and treats everyone with respect. He is brilliant with a great sense of humor … and an amazing ability to make people feel special and aspire to be more than even they thought possible.

Hicks composed the statement in response to a Washington Post report on Trump's habit of cutting down staffers with insults. The most jarring thing about her characterization of the president is not the inaccuracy; it's the sudden rejection of Trump's entire political brand."

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