Thursday, October 9, 2008


There is PANIC, not just on Wall Street, but also within the Republi-con Party. Delusional ranting, calls for more anger, race-baiting, anti-Christ remark, and even efforts to form third parties. After eight years of George W. (The Worst) Bush, the house of cards comes tumbling down. Fear, anger, hatred -- ye reap what ye sow, Republi-cons, ye reap what ye sow.

God is all merciful and wise!

UPDATE: Read Washington Post, Anger Is Crowd's Overarching Emotion at McCain Rally

Posted for WEBY

From Mike:

"Saturday Night Live: Tina Fey does Perfect Palin YouTube has blocked 'em. But NBC has them on their site:
Is wanting to see these Tina Fey skits continue on SNL a valid reason to vote for McCain-Palin?"

Professor NoBullBert says:

"Answer, no, but Mike gets an A for having a sense of humor."

Pandering to Fear, Anger, and Hatred

Republi-cons have pandered to fear, anger, and hatred for years. I had hoped for better from McCain, what with all the references to honor, but McCain is just another Republi-con. See Washington Post, Rage in the Town of Bethlehem.

Fear, Anger, and Hatred, a great election strategy for the Republi-cons, just not a very effective governing philosophy.