Tuesday, July 12, 2011

President Sexpot?

"Sarah Palin hasn't jumped into the race for the White House (yet), but she believes the prize is there for the taking." She also says that she "can win a national election." Read Newsweek, Palin Plots Her Next Move.

But before you vote, you might want to review the cover shoot poses and consider whether she has the 'presidential look.' Here is a sneak peek:

Hello Globalization, Good-Bye Jobs

Recent GDP "numbers solve the mystery in the labor market. This isn’t about confidence or uncertainty or regulations or any of the other bankshot explanations we’ve been using to explain why unemployment seems stuck even as the economy rebounds. The economy isn’t rebounding. Demand isn’t returning. And without demand, there can’t be jobs." Read the Washington Post, The recovery-less recovery.

Just part of the Republi-con war on the middle class.

Republi-CONs Are Not Serious About Deficits

UPDATE: "The often-used storyline that Republicans are desperate to balance America’s books is false, and so is the one about the GOP and the Democrats both being prisoners of their ideological extremes." Read The Daily Beast, The GOP’s False Fiscal Narrative.

"Not to steal Bill Maher’s schtick, but new rule: if you’re not willing to consider tax increases, you’re not serious about deficits. Full stop. Just as rigid pacifists aren’t credible on national defense and dogmatic Christian Scientists are rarely consulted on health-care policy, a politician who has made an ideological vow to refuse to even consider tax increases is not interested in reducing deficits -- and that’s true no matter how often they say the word 'deficits.'" Read the Washington Post, Has the GOP really taken taxes off the table?