Monday, March 21, 2011

The Republi-CONs Secretly Support Obamacare

UPDATE II: According to "MIT professor Jonathan Gruber, the man more responsible for helping Mitt Romney create Romneycare than anyone else . . . without Romneycare’s embrace of the individual mandate — which is now despised by conservatives — Obamacare would never have happened." He also says that "Romney was an aggressive champion of the individual mandate." Read the Washington Post, Former Romney adviser: Without Romneycare, Obamacare would never have happened.

UPDATE: "A few years ago, [the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) was the Republi-con healthcare plan] — but it was called RomneyCare, or the Dole-Chafee bill. Then Democrats adopted their plan, and rather than view that as a victory for the conservative movement, Republicans abandoned it. Now their plan is either nothing at all or some variation of the Affordable Care Act that differs in ways they have trouble explaining." Read the Washington Post, The conservative case for the Affordable Care Act, Part II.

You don't need to travel to an alternate universe to find a Republi-con plan to reform a government health care program into ObamaCare. It is happening today, in Washington, D.C. Read the Washington Post, ‘Even if he agreed with me, he couldn’t say so’.