Thursday, April 22, 2010

Does Money Buy Happiness?

UPDATE II: If not Veronica or Betty, then is Archie gay?. Read the Washington Post, 'BETTY or VERONICA...or KEVIN?': First gay character enrolls at Archie's Riverdale.

UPDATE: Turns out that Archie marries them both in alternate realities as part of a slick marketing scheme. Read The New York Times, Archie’s Destiny, as Shaped by Robert Frost.

Brunette or blonde? Shallow, conniving, materialistic, but rich, or wholesome, cheery and kind? Did I say rich -- as in $8.6 billion rich?

After nearly 70 years, Archie pops the question. Will it be Veronica or Betty? Who would you choose?

Read the Washington Post, After 70 Years of Courtship, Archie Chooses . . . .

Next up, Mary Ann or Ginger? Given a choice, who would you marry?

If you can't decide, read the book.

Do you care?