Monday, March 18, 2013

Palin-Colbert 2016

UPDATE:  Belay my last.  Palin's not available, she's no longer a politician (even if she was never a serious politician), she's not even still a celebritician

"What’s clear from Palin’s [CPAC] speech, however, is that her primary concern at this point is promoting her brand — a sort of conservative entertainer-in-chief, the person willing to stick it to Democrats and 'tell it how it is' to Republicans too. What Palin seems far less interested in is laying out a vision for what the GOP should do; contrast the speech she gave with the one delivered at the same event by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in which he sought to point the party in a direction for its future."

Read the Washington Post, Sarah Palin, entertainer.  

Watch The Colbert Report explain, Budget Sequestration, complete with a biblical analogy.

Watch to the end where he proposes a solution "to prevent the next crisis, we just need a worse scenario.  I say we suspend a monkey above the floor of Congress.  No, an ebola monkey!  Then every Senator and Congressperson gets smeared with banana meat.  If they do not reach a budget deal by the deadline, the doors to Congress are locked, the rope is cut, and it is meal time in the monkey house!":

As I've said before, Palin had the potential to "be a real reformer." Imagine her reform policies, and Colbert's advocacy, it couldn't be an worse than it is now.