Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy 200th Birthday to the Republic of West Florida

Republic of West Florida Flag

"In the early morning hours of Sept. 23, 1810, 75 armed rebels slipped into the Spanish fort at Baton Rouge, and in what was described as a ''sharp and bloody firefight,'' subdued the garrison. They lowered the Spanish flag and raised the Bonnie Blue Flag -- a single white star on a blue field -- that had been adopted for the new nation they called West Florida." Read The New York Times, Little Known Republic in La. Celebrates 200 Years.

For more information, see Southeastern Louisiana University, West Florida Bicentennial Celebration.

Local Republi-Con Fiscal Conservative Hypocrisy

UPDATE: Will it be déjà Miller the Republi-Con Fiscal Conservative Hypocrisy all over again? Could there be another Miller in congress who "who believes the federal government is on the brink of bankruptcy and has called for an end to the 'welfare state,' received federal farm subsidies for land that the fiscal conservative owned. . ." Read the Washington Post, Miller acknowledges getting farm subsidies.

If so, it will be "just another hypocritical politician with one set of rules for himself and one for everyone else."

At Rick's Blog, publius wrote:

"why is there something wrong with not being on the stimulus bill? led by our congressman, there is a proud tradition of pensacola not taking federal handouts–for example, not getting any katrina/rita money (although northern alabama did). Our congressman, who represents us, has railed against the stimulus as wasteful spending. Same for health insurance for poor chldren. Let Miller take a stand. If he’s against it, and he’s at the federal level, then the money shouldnt come here."

publius, you say that Congressman Miller is not in favor of "taking federal handouts" and "has railed against . . . wasteful spending." Surely you jest.

See the list of USDA subsidies in 1st district of Florida, which totaled totaled $184 million from 1995-2006.

Review the list of recipients, including:

1Griswold Farms ∗Milton, FL 32571$3,503,019
2Walker Farms ∗Mc David, FL 32568$2,331,538
3Diller Farms ∗Walnut Hill, FL 32568$2,136,600
4Jerry JonesJay, FL 32565$1,888,322
5Paul M GriswoldMilton, FL 32570$1,850,718
6Doyle M HunterJay, FL 32565$1,594,075
7J W Bauldree EstateJay, FL 32565$1,544,569
8Hendricks And Son Inc ∗Jay, FL 32565$1,503,484
9B D HendricksJay, FL 32565$1,494,659
10Robert G EversBaker, FL 32531$1,423,623
11Alesia GriswoldMilton, FL 32570$1,403,854

Know that Congressman Miller is married to the former Vicki Griswold.

Remember that even Congressman Miller got farm subsidies until he thought it might look bad when he ran for public office.

Think Republi-con hypocrisy.

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