Tuesday, January 26, 2010

America is Bankrupt, 2010 Budget Proposal is Robbery of Future

UPDATE III: Too little, too late. Read the Washington Post, Obama to propose freeze on government spending.

I tried to warn him last year. He should have proposed a 10% pay reduction for all government payees (workers, retirees, veterans, social security recipients, etc.), 50% for any payment over $100k/year.

UPDATE II: But is Obama Man responsible for the additional $9 trillion in debt, or did he just inherit the problem? Read The New York Times, Who Gets the Blame for the Deep Deficit?

"The analyses of the Congressional Budget Office and the administration’s Office of Management and Budget . . . agree that much of the $9 trillion through fiscal year 2019 is the government’s so-called baseline deficit — the shortfall that would result if current law and policies don’t change."

UPDATE: An update from my post in February. Read The New York Times, Estimate for 10-Year Deficit Raised to $9 Trillion.

Holy cow Obama Man, that's a lot of money.

Unbelievable, in the first budget Obama "proposed $3.55 trillion budget for the coming fiscal year that he said discards "dishonest" accounting practices of the past . . . [that] would push the 2009 budget deficit to a massive $1.75 trillion."

This cartoon made me think . . .

Is Obama doing too much? Others wonder the same. Read, The New York Times, The Big Test.

Of course, Republi-cons hope Obama will fail. But like Crist, I hope he will succeed. That said, I think it is likely that Obama will fail.

(Note a difference between hoping for an outcome and think it likely.)

Why do I think Obama will fail?

In the 2010 budget proposal, Obama said "There are times where you can afford to redecorate your house and there are times where you need to focus on rebuilding its foundation, today, we have to focus on foundations. Having inherited a trillion-dollar deficit that will take a long time for us to close, we need to focus on what we need to move the economy forward, not on what's nice to have."

So, if Obama is serious, he won't redecorate the White House. Therefore I googled the terms Obama, redecorate, "White House," and guess what, the White House is being redecorated.

In addition, the budget includes 'limits' on pay raises for federal workers 2 percent pay and for the military to 2.9 percent. Given the complete failure of government in the last decade, 9/11, Iraq, Katrina, and the economic mess to name a few, and the fact that the federal government is essentially bankrupt, who thinks that government workers should get a raise. Obama's budget should include no pay raise for any government worker, in fact, the budget should require a 10% pay reduction for all government workers.

The government is robbing our future to save the Ponzi scheme that was Wall Street. The banks know it. Read the New York Magazine, The New Etiquette of Bank Robbery.

Time to end the bailout bull!

Time for GRAC.

Follow the Bouncing Dollars

Track the details of the economic stimulus at CNN Money, The Stimulus Tracker.

The Devil and His Friend the Preacher

UPDATE II: Was the earthquake in Haiti a "US Black Ops . . . [to] obliterated evidence of US Government and rogue official drug-running complicity . . . channeled through the Haitian capital for many years." (quoting Global Analysis International Intelligence (GAII))

The 2008 presidential nominee for the Constitution Party thinks so, because he is "personally convinced that certain members of the Bush and Clinton families have been involved in the international smuggling of illicit drugs for decades."

Don't forget earlier CONservative CONspiracies.

Just think. that guy could have been president.

UPDATE: Is God punitive and interventionist or as capricious as nature? Read The New York Times, Between God and a Hard Place.

Speaking of Palin and her recent comment that she's all part of God's plan, is death, destruction and misery in Haiti also part of God's plan? One so-called minister of the gospel thinks so. Read Newsweek, Haiti, the devil and Pat Robertson.

Obama the Fawning Sycophant Mutt?

UPDATE V: Does Obama failure = Palin presidency? Read The Root, How Barack Obama Is Paving the Way for a Palin Presidency.

UPDATE IV: What can Obama Man do now? For what one die hard Republi-con thinks, read the Washington Post, Obama's options, in a post-Massachusetts nation.

But another thinks that Obama just can't. Read the Washington Post, Abandoning health care after the Brown election, and other Washington nonsense.

And one writer is just about ready to give up on Obama. Read The New York Times, He Wasn’t The One We’ve Been Waiting For.

UPDATE III: Another Massachusetts miracle -- Republican Scott Brown is now the Senator-elect from Massachusetts, winning the seat once held by the Kennedys.

Of course, the newest Republi-con should fit right in with the party of fiscal incoherent and governing irresponsibility that "offers nothing constructive, nothing coherent, nothing concrete, and no support for anything" the other guys try to do.

So was the special election a big stop sign for the Naive-ocrats, a referendum on health care reform, a repudiation of Obama Man, and/or a resurrection of Republi-cons?

Or in our fast-paced, high-tech political culture, is it all part of the ongoing process of political unalignment.

I'm sure we'll discuss it Friday.

UPDATE II: Today's the day of reckoning in Demochusetts.

UPDATE: Much as it would pain me to see the Republi-cons win the special election in Demochusetts, the Naive-ocrats deserve to lose the seat. Read the Washington Post, Just deserts for Massachusetts Democrats?

The Republi-cons are giving the Naive-crats heartburn in the special U.S. Senate election in Demochusetts. And after a year in office, Obama's got a popularity problem. Why the political change of fortune?

Is it because Obama the mutt yearns to be a pedigreed show-dog? One writer has an interesting take:

"Obama has described himself as a mutt on a couple of occasions. His honest, self-deprecating nature is one of those qualities that is easy to appreciate.

It was a welcomed quality after living with a president for eight years who was born on third base and believed that he had hit a triple.

On the campaign trail, Obama showed enough self-awareness to admit and even celebrate the fact that he was not born into an AKC-registry crowd. But in the last year, Obama too often has given us the impression that he wishes he had. It is as if he developed a desire to be more of a pedigreed Great Pyrenees or an AKC Akita than the mutt we once admired.

It is certainly a pedigreed show-dog crowd that this professed mutt is running the streets with these days.Tim Geithner and Larry Summers, the two-legged canines Obama appointed as Wall Street watchdogs, have everything in common with the fierce, pedigreed Dobermans and Rottweilers who run the show in New York's financial district . . ."

Read the rest of the op-ed at the Pensacola News Journal, Obama is running with a new pack today.

So is Obama more like Spike the Bulldog or Chester the Terrier?

P.S. Remember, I tried to warn him. But I predict the Republi-cons hard sell will backfire. Unfortunately for the voters, the choice between Republi-cons and Naive-crats is like the choice between bad and worse.