Thursday, July 2, 2009

Republican Family Feuding

UPDATE III: Got this link from Mike, who said it made him "wanna take up running." Read Runner's World, I'm a Runner: Sarah Palin. For the reading challenged, try the the picture version.

Not sure whether this helps her image as a possible president, but it will sell a lot of magazines. It also helps explain her appeal to the Republi-con party, the angry old white guys are smitten by Sarah.

UPDATE II: And yet another. Read the Washington Post, The Sarah Palin Chronicles Mask Deeper GOP Troubles.

UPDATE: Are the arguments about Palin within the Republi-con party just a personification of the dispute over the future of the party? Read the Washington Post, Latest Palin Controvery Just a Subset of War Over Direction of GOP.

Another lengthy article about the Rogue Diva. Read Vanity Fair, It Came from Wasilla.

Then read of the ensuing feud, Politico, Sarah Palin story sparks Republican family feud.

I can't wait for 2012. How about you?