Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hear From The Great Palin Anytime

Can't get enough of the wisdom of The Great Palin, the messiah, zealous leader, and savior, that John McCain and this country need in these frightful times. Then visit the Sarah Palin Quotes Generator 24/7, and hear insightful comment and analysis almost as inspirational as the real thing.

All Hail The Great Palin!

Many Doubt The Great Palin

A pox on ye of little faith. Some say The Great Palin has simply never given much thought to many important national and international issues. They say that she spits out tired cliches, random jargon, and catchphrases she has been coached to repeat, often resulting in nonsensical answers, gibberish really. And who are the doubters, see the bad reviews and commentary about The Great Palin’s readiness to be vice president and perhaps even president:

And let us not forget the heretics at Saturday Night Live, mocking The Great Palin, not once, but twice.

They are all Unbelievers. I say The Great Palin is divinely inspired. Her likeness should be carved into Mount Rushmore today, why wait. I know she has the answer to the great crisis(es) now facing this country.

On Thursday, The Great Palin will rise from the stage and smite the unbelievers and doubters. Then she will save us all with her wisdom.

All hail The Great Palin!