Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Republi-CON Truthiness Cost $220 Million

UPDATE II: Were Republi-cons using the oil spill to advance their political agenda? See Chapter Five, page 139, of the Presidential Oil Spill Commission's final report, which found: "Coast Guard responders watched Governor Jindal -- and the TV cameras following him -- return to what appeared to be the same spot of oiled marsh day after day to complain about the inadequacy of the federal response, even though only a small amount of marsh was then oiled. When the Coast Guard sought to clean up that piece of affected marsh, Governor Jindal refused to confirm its location."

UPDATE: "The berms were approved "despite objections from scientists that they would do little good and might cause environmental harm." But who need eletist facts, math, science and analysis. Read the Washington Post, Sand islands off Louisiana stopped little oil in gulf spill, commission finds.

Remember the outrage that the Obama administration was delaying and discouraging Louisiana from building sand-berms during the oil spill?

Republi-cons, including Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, insisted that sand-berms were needed immediately. But environmentalists and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers warned that the berm would be ineffective and a waste of money.

Who was right?

"According to state estimates, the berms have captured just 1,000 barrels of oil so far, at a cost of $220 million. By way of comparison, Mr. Bahr pointed out, the recently opened Hoover Dam Bypass, a four-lane highway bridge that soars 840 feet above the Colorado River, cost $240 million." Read The New York Times, Louisiana Rethinks Its Sand Berms.

That's $220,000/barrel of oil. All hail Republi-CON truthiness:

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