Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Follow-up to fact-free fantasies: shame on our Resident Pastor-to-the-Dictators, continuing his campaign of fear, anger and hatred by hosting a professional purveyor of hate, rememnber last week it was the faux Florida Sharia law case (perhaps our resident Pastor-to-the-dictators never heard of the religious autonomy principle regarding church faith, doctrine, discipline, and governance);

Local and regional: why did the Sheriff picking a fight with federal judges?, $2.35 million for NCAA Division II football program at UWF, is it worth it?, state Republi-con fiscal conservative hypocrisy, Cont., state worker get the pink slips, the bosses get a $20,000 raise,

National and international: I'm waiting, where's the balanced budget, don't hold you breath because the Republi-CONs Con the Tea Party, there'll be no $100 billion budget cut, and let's admit the obvious, the Republi-CONs are not serious about deficits,

the Middle East mess and the hope for democracy, and a Facebook revolution?, why Libya, and what next, and Obama -- damned when he didn't, and damned when he did -- and why are Republi-CONs undermining U.S. military and foreign policy objectives, after year of incessant moral blackmail regarding Iraq, when the U.S. has the power to do something constructive, and Gaddafi is good reason to try it, he reaffirms my support for an openly debated and conducted assassination policy for rogue dictators,

after the devastation in Japan, you should support better, not just less, government,

57 days til the end of the world, again,

so many lies, so little time to 'refudiate', turns out the New Black Panther voter intimidation case, was complete nonsense from the very beginning, this after the most recent incident of partisan zealotry through highly selective editing of reality, but even Glenn Bonkers doesn't believe it,

union busting, part of the Republi-CON war on the middle class, but who said: "where collective bargaining is forbidden, freedom is lost",

thank God we saved the Banksters, but why?,

budget gamesmanship and tough decisions, and Congressional pension reform hypocrisy,

the Republi-CON Double Dip Recession, not a new ice cream, but it'll make you scream,

after Palin fatigue?, the Republi-con's latest celebrity candidate, he's a birther, it is clear that he hasn't even read the Congressional Research Service that would agree that Obama is a "natural born citizen," (the Congressional Research Service is a part of the Library of Congress, providing professional, objective and non-partisan public policy research to members of Congress and their staffers. The writer of the memorandum is a qualified constitutional attorney who has summarized the historical and legal material with references, showing, by contrast, how shoddy the birther arguments are) (this memorandum explains why even Republi-CON Congressmen/women refuse to join the Birthers), and he hasn't talked to Barbara Nelson, who "specifically remembers his birth" because she spoke with the obstetrician who delivered him shortly after his birth,

so you don't believe in global warming, then explain what happens to 35 gigatons of CO2 each year,

the health care industry bottomline, the reason Republi-con want to repeal the new health care law, the nation’s bloated annual health-care tab would swell by more than $4 billion" after a company raised the price of a medicine from $20 to $1,500 per dose,

and who pushing a health care policy his family stands to profit from immensely, and did you know, the Republi-CONs secretly support Obamacare,

Republi-con education merit pay hypocrisy, it is a fraud,

the benefits of a modern secular legal system, don't read your spouse's email, or record her conversations, you can kill a rat, but not a hamster, is it a crime to have a false persona,

you're so wonderful, not,

and 'The Great Stagnation' and our broken political system;

Fun stuff: why men are just happier people, read the witticisms!, Mission Impossible, Squirrel Edition, and Escapa;


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I'll discuss anything, but expect a no mercy take down if you are a party hack pandering to fear, anger and hatred, because the truth sure makes it hard out there for the party pimps.

So tune-in, call-in, but only if you can handle the truth and some ass kickin' discussion of politics and current events.

Shame on Our Resident Pastor-to-the-Dictators

Today, our resident Pastor-to-the-Dictators and his so-called Christian Church will host a professional purveyor of hate.

This evil man makes a fine living (as part of the Fear, Anger, Hatred Industry) traveling around the country to speak to naive church groups, making false, biased, ridiculous, and laughable claims, and playing on Holocaust guilty to encourage a "one-sided foreign policy in favor of Israel and continued wars with Muslim countries."

Although his claim to be running for the Israeli Knesset is not false, he is considered a fringe candidate with no chance of election, like our local Rick Outzen for President.

Shame on Our Resident Pastor-to-the-Dictators for hosting this man.

The Middle East Mess and the Hope for Democracy

"Egypt is messy, and Islamists are gaining ground. But keep your seat. Young democracies are always chaotic." Read The New York Times, Democracy Is Mess.

So Many Lies, So Little Time to 'Refudiate', Cont.

"Yesterday, the Justice Department released the long-awaited results of its inquiry into its own handling of the New Black Panther voter intimidation case, and the verdict is in: This whole tale has been complete nonsense from the very beginning." Read the Washington Post, Surprise! The right’s New Black Panther obsession turns out to be a joke. The article concludes:

"Of course, we should be under no illusion that the OPR’s findings will put an end to this false controversy. The most likely outcome is that the conservatives who have spent the last two years flogging this case will now go after OPR head Robin C. Ashton, accusing her of whitewashing the case. Even before the results of the OPR investigation were known, conservatives had already begun smearing her as a political hack.

For today’s conservatives, the absence of evidence of a conspiracy merely serves as more evidence of a conspiracy."