Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Trump's Big CON: 24 Million People Will Lose Health Insurance to Fund Tax Cuts and Credits For the Wealthy

UPDATE:  Need more proof, remember the proposed border adjustment tax on imported consumers goods to give more tax breaks to rich people?

Nothing better proves the true Republi-CON purpose.

And it is now clear why the Republi-CONs didn't want to wait for the Congressional Budget Office report.


The New York Times, Trumpcare vs. Obamacare: Apocalypse Foretold, which stated:

"The Congressional Budget Office report on Trumpcare is out, and it’s devastating: 14 million people losing insurance in the first year, 24 million over time, with premiums soaring for older, lower-income Americans — in many cases, the very people who went strongly for President Trump. The C.B.O. thinks it would reduce the deficit, but only marginally, around $30 billion a year in a $19 trillion economy.

Let me offer one assertion and ask two questions.

The assertion is that something like this was to be expected. The C.B.O. came in even worse on coverage than most predicted, but it was obvious that the news would be terrible because that’s what the logic of the situation told us. Obamacare imposes a mandate to induce healthy people to sign up, offers means-tested subsidies to make insurance affordable and expands Medicaid to take care of people with really low incomes. Trumpcare eliminates the mandate, slashes subsidies overall and redirects them to those who don’t need them and sharply cuts Medicaid. Of course that leads to a huge drop in coverage.

Or to put it differently, Obamacare is actually an intelligently designed system, and Republican claims that they could do much better even while slashing funding so they could cut taxes on the rich were always obvious nonsense. Trumpcare is a slapdash, incompetent piece of legislation; but even a much more competent set of people couldn’t have done better given the constraints of Republican Party ideology."

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