Friday, April 30, 2010

Bartering Chicken for Health Care

UPDATE: Lowden is a wealthy gambling executive. She leads the Republican field in the primary campaign for the right to challenge the Democratic incumbent, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. She's a former Nevada state senator, a former head of the state GOP, a former television anchorwoman and a former Miss New Jersey.

Her idea for containing health-care costs -- chickens for check-ups. Read the Washington Post, Courtesy of Sue Lowden: A chicken in every doctor's pot.

The Colbert Report launches Indecision 2010 Midtern Election coverage with a report on Nevada Senate candidate Sue Lowdon's proposal to institute a barter system for health care:

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The Republi-con solution for any problem that ails you, health insurance included, forget about mandates and confusing plans, just trade a chicken.