Thursday, September 24, 2009

Milking Murders for Money?

Is Ashley Markham trying to cash in on her parents murders? She is the the daughter of Byrd and Melanie Billings and it is reported that she will fly to Chicago to tell Oprah her family's story and "let people know they're going to need help providing for the children."

You might remember that $160,000 was found in a safe inside the home, but that money "will be going toward estate taxes" says an attorney.

But the estate tax exemption for 2009 is $3.5 million.

One commentor wrote: "What BS this is. No way there will be any taxable estate OR Estate tax--no way. I'm betting that these folks raked in at least 100 grand a year in FL adoption assistance and SSI from the feds, and that's why these children are where they are."

With "FL adoption assistance and SSI from the feds," why does Ashley need more money?

How Will Parent Embarrass Their Kids?

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I'd like to know if the state took the kids from the parents before any court hearing. I've seen that done in Florida, and unless the situation is an emergency, it is illegal.