Friday, February 19, 2010

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Local and regional: cheap and easy news-casting (a followup to the great government snoverreaction of 2010 (another example of the government and media exploiting fear), and

Nation and international: time to attack Texas for sheltering a terrorist (or was he just a Teabagger or misguided tax protestor), how Americans support terrorism (in more ways than acknowledged) is it déjà virtual all over again? and congratulations Tiger.

Today's poll: Who was Joe Stack: terrorist, right-wing Teabagger, left wing Communist, 'True American Hero' praised on Facebook, or anxious and disillusioned American whose fear, anger and hatred was exploited by the Republi-cons? (Read Chuck Baldwin, I Wish Joe Stack Had Not Killed Himself!)

Or was it just a false flag op staged by the government.

But I'll discuss anything. (Disclaimer: the host reserves the right to end any discussion and hang up on you.)

So tune-in, call-in, but only if you can handle the truth!

The Obama Legacy

UPDATE: Cheney says he'll be a one-termer. If so, what then?

How about Justice Obama? Read the Washington Post, Supreme Court Justice Barack Obama.

Yes he can have a legacy. "He [just ] needs to redefine what his administration hopes to achieve." Read The New York Times, What’s Next, Mr. President?

The article suggest five steps to "America’s faith in its own institutions," including "leading a campaign of brazen honesty with the American people. . . [to] lay out the fiscal realities and explain that voters cannot continue to demand programs they are unwilling to pay for."

P.S. He better hurry because those waskly Republi-cons are up to no good. Their "crusade against health reform has relied, crucially, on utter hypocrisy: Republicans who hate Medicare, tried to slash Medicare in the past, and still aim to dismantle the program over time, have been scoring political points by denouncing proposals for modest cost savings — savings that are substantially smaller than the spending cuts buried in their own proposals.

And if Democrats don’t get their act together and push the almost-completed reform across the goal line, this breathtaking act of staggering hypocrisy will succeed."

Read about it at The New York Times, Republicans and Medicare.

Birthers, Birchers, Conspiracy Theorists, Oh My!

Birthers, Birchers, Conspiracy Theorists, Oh My!

Are the inmate (birthers and Birchers, militias and nativists, racists and conspiracy theorists) taking over the Republi-con asylum? One conservative writer thinks so. Read The Washington Post, A primer on political reality.

As more evidence, and of local interest, read the Washington Post, Republican Marco Rubio is anti-Crist challenging Florida governor in Senate primary.

And remember -- be afraid, be very, very, afraid!