Monday, June 1, 2009

Fighting Mother Nature

Speaking of mother nature, read the Pensacola News Journal, Flouting Nature.

Replacing sand washed away from barrier islands during storms is a waste of taxpayer money.

Nearly everyone around these parts claims to be conservative, but I hardly think a true-red conservative would approve of throwing money at and into the ocean like this. Just one more example of the Republi-con ideology at work.

Caution, Don't Be Stupid

Should government officials interfere with mother nature's law of survival of the fittest? Read the Washington Post, What Not to Do with a Dead Bat, and you'll know what I mean.

Give new meaning to the saying, stupid is as stupid does.

Potato Chips of the World Unite Against Tax and Spend Judicial Activism

How dare they call Pringles potato chips. Read The New York Times, The Lord Justice Hath Ruled: Pringles Are Potato Chips.

It is outright judicial activism to advance tax and spend socialism. We know how Sotomayor would rule, don't we. I bet that she would even cite the British case.