Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Power of a Picture

It is an old cliché, but true nevertheless, a picture is worth a thousand words. Case in point, the death of Neda (WARNING, the video contains images that some might find particularly disturbing):

So is that why Obama doesn't want to release 'the photos.' Read The New York Times, Neda, Obama and the Power of Pictures.

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Is It Reform Not-Good-Enough-to-Work?

The stimulus bill, environmental legislation (cap & trade), and possible health care reform got you confused. Read The New York Times, Vince Lombardi Politics, to understand why Democrats seem open to nearly any idea so long as it will lead to passing legislation, perhaps at the expense of passing sensible legislation.

Then read The New York Times, Not Enough Audacity, in which one editorial writer worries that the many compromises to get legislation passed may doom it to failure and discredit any future efforts. "[T]he perfect is the enemy of the good; but so is the not-good-enough-to-work . . . reform has to be done right."