Friday, September 24, 2010

More State Republi-Con Fiscal Conservative Hypocrisy

UPDATE II: Rubio's defense for charging personal expenses to the state Republi-con party credit card, he "spent less in 4 years than Sansom did in 2." Read the Miami-Herald, Marco Rubio charged $4K in home remodeling work on GOP credit card.

You remember Sansom -- over 2½ years, a 25-year-old junior Sansom staffer, who was given a party American Express card, spent nearly $1.3 million. Thousands were spent "on jewelry, sporting goods and in one case $15,000 for what's listed as a monthlong stay at a posh Miami Beach hotel." The Florida Republi-cons spent "$650,000 in lodging, $60,000 in airfare — mostly commercial airlines — and $66,000 for charter planes."

According to a former supporter, Rubio never met a perk he didn’t like and is "ust another career politician looking to line his own pocket."

Now you know why I call them Republi-Cons!

UPDATE: What will he do when he gets a hold of the federal government credit card? St. Petersburg Times, Marco Rubio charged kitchen flooring on GOP credit card?

Another Republi-con fiscal CONservative with money problems. Read the Washington Post, Republican's financial woes recast Ga. race.

He's got a lot in common with Rubio and O'Donnell.