Friday, June 1, 2012

SUA, SUA! Are You a Ronmey Amercian?

"Mitt Romney’s digital team debuted 'With Mitt,' an app that lets supporters share their support for the Republican presidential hopeful, on Tuesday. At first, the app received little fanfare.

By Tuesday night, however, the app’s users had drawn attention to one glaring mistake: one of the 14 text overlays available within the app stated that Romney is for 'A Better Amercia.' Yes, you read that right: 'Amercia.'"

Read Mashable, Amercia the Meme: Why Romney’s Gaffe Won’t Die

You too can join Amercia is with Mitt!

And of course, as Colbert noted, the "innovative iPhone app doubles his presidential odds" and "There's definitely no proof Obama was born in 'Amercia'.  Watch the Colbert Report, starting at the 3:36 mark: