Friday, June 19, 2015

The Cult of Carl, Was He a FL Law Enforcement Officer?

UPDATE VI:  There has been little talk of the shooter's specific comment that "you’re taking over our country" as he shoots black people.

How did he develop such an attitude and belief?  Talk radio perhaps??

UPDATE V:  Now we see why the Pastor is no longer in law enforcement.

The site of the murders was a Charleston church, "a historic symbol of black resistance to slavery and racism". 

The shooter was just an everyday racist, who shouted "You rape our women, and you’re taking over our country, and you have to go."  He posted pictures online "wearing a jacket bearing flags from apartheid-era South Africa and what was once white-rule Rhodesia".  He also drove a car with a bumper proudly displaying "a novelty plate in celebration of the slave-holding Confederate states".

Read the Daily Mail, The suspected race-hate gunman, 21, who got a gun for his birthday and proudly wears clothing with the flags of apartheid.  

Of course, the Pastor's ignorance would come as no surprise to anyone who has heard his birther comments, often followed by claims to be 'a former Florida law enforcement officer', as he tries to to bolster his credibility on legal issues.

As noted below, there is no proof that The Cult of Carl was ever a law enforcement officer.

And his hideous, bitter radio sermons that promote fear, anger and hatred make it clear he is no Christian that Jesus would understand.

UPDATE IV:  The Pastor and Satan were in their usual good form this morning, twisting the little known facts after a church shooting (eerily like the The 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in 1963) to advance their favorite topic -- hate.

Among other things, the Pastor speculated that the man might have thought he was black, so that he could comment on stories about Bruce Jenner and Rachel Dolezal.

Let's see how well the Pastor's finely tuned law-enforcement instincts are.

UPDATE III:   The cult that is Carl admitted this morning (06/11/15) that he works with Satan when he hunts.

He apparently uses the demonic influence of bait to gain an advantage while hunting deer.  He seems to believe that the deer deserves what happens for sinfully partaking of the bait corn 'it thinks it miraculously found' in the forest, but that deer thought is just the Devil at work.

I'd call to ask him to explain, but he refuses to take my calls, so I'll just have to accept him at his word, Pastor Carl and Satan are huntin' buddies.

(BTW, link updated 06/2015, still no Pastor in the LEO database.)

P.S. Pastor Carl and Satan are also talkshow buddies.  His comments regarding sexual orientation are clear false. "Evidence points toward the existence of a complex interaction between genes and environment, which are responsible for the heritable nature of sexual orientation. . .

[And a]lthough homosexuality can be inherited, this does not occur according to the rules of classical genetics. Rather, it occurs through another mechanism, known as epigenetics.

Epigenetics relates to the influence of environmental factors on genes, either in the uterus or after birth. . .

The academy found that a multitude of scientific studies have shown sexual orientation is biologically determined. There is not a single gene or environmental factor that is responsible for this—but rather a set of complex interactions between the two that determines one’s sexual orientation."

Read Slate, Here’s What We Know About the Science of Sexual Orientation

Pastor Carl may have a hard time understanding the science (the article was written by the director of the Institute for Cellular and Molecular Medicine at University of Pretoria in South Africa and another). 

Whereas, anyone who has listen to him knows, Pastor Carl's beliefs and pseudo-knowledge are based on myths and voices he hears in his head (in his case it seems to be Satan).

UPDATE II:  The database now has 214,306 names, still no Pastor.

UPDATE:  Stay tuned, I hear this is a developing story.

In an attempt to bolster his credibility on legal issues, the cult that is Carl likes to says frequently on his radio shows that he is 'a former Florida law enforcement officer.'

Did you know that the Herald-Tribune has compiled a database of 210,348 past and present Florida law enforcement officers.

Let me know if you find his name. (Here is the current page where you would expect his name to be listed.)  (Link updated 06/2013, still no Pastor.)

BTW, the database is pretty comprehensive and does include former law enforcement officers. Our current congressman was a Florida law enforcement officer, and his name is listed.

In the meantime, based upon the Pastor's self professed 10-year law enforcement background and experience, I'm waiting for the arrests that he claims are imminent.